Attorney Todd Levine Shares What He Wishes He Knew Earlier In His Career

Attorney Todd Levine is a Miami area attorney who specializes in complex legal cases involving property disputes. He has represented people in the real estate industry such as property developers, property managers, lending institutions, contractors, sellers, and buyers.

He says knowing what he knows now he would have become known earlier in his career for his legal specialty. Todd Levine says that if you can quickly find a legal specialty that you love and become the go-to specialist for it you’ll have clients coming to you rather than the other way around. He learned this eventually but feels it really would have helped out if he had this information from the start.

When preparing for a case he always writes an outline of any brief or legal argument he will make the case for. Like being an author an outline helps to collect thoughts in an organized fashion. It also helps him get to the points he will be making in a logical, clear, and concise manner. He can spot any holes in his legal arguments and prepare to address them in the briefs he will file.

Todd Levine says that like in any customer-facing position an attorney needs to be very attentive to what their clients are saying. He really does care about his clients and how their legal cases will be resolved. He makes himself available to his clients by responding to them within 24 hours at the latest. It is this attitude that he credits for helping him get most of his business through client referrals.

He is one of the co-founders of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine P.L. Todd Levine says that like just about every other industry technology increasingly plays a role in how efficiently and productively his law firm can operate. They use mainly Eclipse and Westlaw at their practice.

Equities First Holdings Is On Its Way To Reaching Its Goals

Equities First Holdings has given its clients over $1.4 billion since 2002. The company was founded in Indiana, United States, but it has quickly opened offices in such places as Perth and China. It has a low-interest rate and bases its loans on stocks. Starting in 2013, when the company opened its London office, billionaires have obtained shareholder loans with the company. Equities First Holdings has made big goals for the future, including wanting to give out over $2 billion, and it is on its way to reaching them as it allows its clients to go through a simple loan process.

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Rick Cofer – The Lawyer Who Cares

Mishandled waste is a worldwide problem – we are at a time where the environment and the welfare of the Earth are at risk of irreparable damage, which is not the best news for us Earth dwellers.


With this news, Austin is taking big steps to do their part in saving our environment. Austin’s Parks and Recreation Recycling Task Force is paving the way for their town to contribute to saving the world one step at a time.

This council established the task force to spearhead the city’s Zero Waste Plan whose goal is to reduce and eradicate its’ mishandled landfill waste down to 10% in 22 years. One of the task force’s ordinances is a ban on single-use plastic bags but then they are taking it further by providing better ways to upcycle their waste.


The chairman of the task force is a cutthroat criminal attorney, Rick Cofer, with this Task Force he was able to show how he cares for the environment as much as his people.

With thousands and thousands of cases handled in the courtroom under his belt – Rick Cofer is no doubt one of Austin’s best, top-notch, highest caliber defense attorneys. He is well-versed in cases in juvenile cases, felony and misdemeanor. Of course, like any other master strategist, he believes that the best defense is always the best offense.

Among his wide range of expertise in criminal cases, he is best-practiced and a veteran in handling cases like:

1.Drinking With Influence and Drunk Driving


Basically, this is a criminal offense that concerns operating a vehicle under excess intake of alcohol, or under the influence of drugs. Attorney Rick is your guy for defending you with these kinds of cases.

2.Drugs and Marijuana Cases


As per the title, we all know that a drug case under your name might be the end for your future careers. Rick will for sure rush to your defense and prepare the best cases in your favor to resolve your worries.

3.Juvenile Charges

These criminal offenses that are charged against the young adults, if not taken action in, can be a game changer for the future of these kids. Tick is very well-versed in defending these children even in grave crimes like murder.

4.Assault and Domestic Violence

A lot of complications can happen in dealing with criminal cases that concern assault and domestic violence. Rick, along with his expertise in the law, will also support with your psychological health and development because these cases can be mentally draining.

As you can see he is well qualified with heading this task force with all the titles under his belt.

With his lead on the task force, he has been leading a plan to increase the work and labor force on this council to touch on helping every facility that can help contribute to the purpose of the task force.

More power to Rick Cofer!


David McDonald OSI Group, a Dedicated Chief Operating Officer

David McDonald is the serving Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Group, a leading global food processing company. The company primarily deals with processing of high-quality value-added foods and is based in Illinois. Since its establishment, the company has experienced tremendous growth, both in its operations and client base. The company supplies its high-end products to notable food outlets such as Burger King, Starbucks, Papa John’s and, Subway among others. OSI Group specializes in specialty food products like hot dogs, pizza, sandwiches, meat patties, and poultry products. The company has also extended its operations to cover 17 countries across the globe with more than 50 processing plants.  View David McDonald’s profile at Linkedin.

David McDonald OSI Group is not new to the business. He joined OSI industries way back in 1991. Through years of outstanding work and commitment to success, McDonald has risen through the company’s ranks to become one of the principals. It is, therefore, incontestable that he has extensive experience and knowledge in the food industry and management. At the OSI Group, he also serves as a Board member and the director, OSI International Foods, Australia. He is the chairperson of the North American Meat Institute. He has also worked at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as an independent director. This was during the period following Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos takeover of OSI Group in Brazil and Italy. McDonald holds a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University.

David McDonald OSI Group is an able and competent leader. Under his leadership, the company has extensively expanded its operations across the world. Most significantly is the acquisition of a Dutch deli meat firm, Baho foods. The company also acquired a polish beef processing facility and an Indian frozen foods plant. David McDonald OSI Group has made an indelible mark in the growth of OSI Group for his contribution in the Chinese expansion. Under his leadership, the company established ten poultry outlets across China.

David McDonald OSI Group is dedicated to ensuring that the Chinese operations run smoothly. He discloses that he spends most of his time dealing with infrastructure and technical challenges that may affect the Chinese operations. He says the suppliers and the government authorities have been very cooperative.

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Krishen Iyer: Digital Marketing Challenges Facing Marketers and Consumers

Krishen Iyer is the CEO and Founder of Managed Benefits Services which he founded in 2016. He initially named the company Quick Link Marketing, which he later rebranded to focus on the health and dental insurance companies and service providers. Krishen Iyer is a graduate from the San Diego State University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration. As a digital marketer, Krishen affirms that both the marketers and the consumers face challenges with digital technologies.


While the consumers face compatibility related issues and challenges of how to use various devices, marketers face different problems altogether. With the rising popularity of voice command recognition, marketers have to work an extra mile to promote their products. Different products associate themselves with various advantages. This may vary according to color, durability, cost and other distinguishing factors. When a consumer orders a product online, the user account keeps records of the product and produces the same brand when the consumer orders in the future. The user can only change the brand preference if they prefer another brand based on the distinguishing factors.


Krishen Iyer’s experience growing in multiple marketing companies was a critical factor in developing effective strategies to influence markets and even launch his own marketing company. Besides giving consumers the general overview of a product’s features, Krishen Iyer advises companies to research their target markets, identify consumers’ needs and then make a product that satisfies that need. The company must also be in a position to make the consumers choose their product by specifying how different it is from the other products in the market. Marketers must find ways to appeal to various markets lack of which the competitors get the lead. When selling products online, marketers should also be cautious about the appearance of their product. For instance, with a group of shoppers in need of a glass cleaner, some will recognize the color of a product as the distinguishing factor.


Read his recent interview on Ideamensch.

Zeco Auriemo Leads JHSF To New York’s Fifth Avenue

Zeco Auriemo, the current president of JHSF, is renowned for his excellent leadership. He took over the presidency of the firm in 1993, and since then, he has done nothing but steer JHSF to success. Today, JHSF is a market leader in the Brazilian real estate arena, thanks to his ability to introduce new concepts with each wake.

Under his leadership, JHSF has seen exponential success, and now operates even beyond the Brazilian borders. For instance, the Company will soon be well represented in Fifth Avenue, New York, one of the world’s most sought-after residential areas. Fifth Avenue is famed for being home to A-list entrepreneurs, lawyers, advertisers, and now thanks to Zeco Auriemo, Brazil will now own part of this rare gem.

According to reports, Zeco Auriemo plans on transforming the $32 million four-story mansion that was built in 1871 into a modern and luxurious 14-floor building. Zeco already has the approval from the city’s authorities allowing him to put up the 14 floor-structure in that location. However, getting the approval was no easy feat. According to the current representative of JHSF in the USA, and also the former chief executive officer of Safra National Bank, Sergio Millerman, the architect appointed for the project, Timothy Greer, had to present the projects three good times before they could get approval. Sergio, further added that approximately 90% of the projects usually have to undergo this process before they can get authorization.


About Zeco Auriemo

As mentioned earlier, Zeco Auriemo is the current president and chairman of JHSF, and as revealed earlier, it’s the position he assumed in 1993, and ever since, Mr. Auriemo has contributed massively to the company’s success. However, before he was appointed as president, Zeco Auriemo worked at JHSF since he was a teenager. His daily involvement with the family business and his lucrative educational background saw him gain extensive knowledge, and a rich experience, on how to run it, and as such, when he was appointed in the prominent position, he had a lot to bring to the table.

Eric Lefkofsky Providing Tempus The Guidance It Needs To Grow

Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist based in the United States. In the past few years, Eric Lefkofsky has been diverting his focus to building and expanding clinical data aggregator firm named Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky doesn’t belong to the medical world and is a business graduate, but after he saw firsthand how the physicians struggle to provide effective treatment due to lack of data, he vowed to use the resources he has to start Tempus. It is a digital library and operating system that would make clinical as well as molecular data available to doctors.

Tempus recently launched a mobile app by the name Tempus Lab that can be easily downloaded from the Google Store and App Store on respective mobile platforms. The doctors can easily access the clinical data aggregated by Tempus through the phone itself through its mobile app. Most of the doctors said to the team at Tempus that their busy schedule doesn’t allow them to access the information made available by the company through PC on a regular basis. However, if the same information is available on mobile, the physicians can access as well as use it conveniently.

Tempus has been planning to expand its operations globally, and it recently gathered over a hundred million dollars in its series E funding. Apart from starting Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has launched many other companies succeed in the past, including Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank Solutions, Groupon Inc, and a few others. Eric Lefkofsky has started a charity foundation with his wife Liz Lefkofsky and supports many charities as well as causes that include humanitarian support, women empowerment, and supporting low-income communities.

In the next few years, Eric Lefkofsky is trying to take Tempus global to ensure that clinical data is easily available to doctors globally. The patients would be able to get better treatment with the help of clinical data that Tempus provides. Rest assured that with the help of Tempus, the doctors would be able to provide far more effective and accurate treatment. Eric Lefkofsky wants to make sure that Tempus continues to grow not only demographically but also regarding its data volume.

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Freedom Checks as introduces by Matt Badiali

Two terms have caught the attention of the nation this year. Freedom Checks and the Trump Bonus Checks are terms which have people in the financial sector talking. Those who are looking for an opportunity to make it in the industry have high chances of making through these two investment ideas. Investors in the country have been hunting for the best investment ideas that can give them the money they deserve, but the opportunities look dull. Some of the opportunities that have come up end being a disappointment.

Freedom Checks and the Trump Bonus Checks are two programs that the country have come to learn about in this year. They are investment strategies that are offering Americans an opportunity to make a huge return from their investment. The Trump Bonus Checks are meant for the people who have served the country. The veterans in the armed forces are the people who will benefit from this system according to its founder Mike Burnick. Burnick is an accredited financial advisor in the United States, and he is using the information he has about the industry to make some great decisions on behalf of the people who follow him.

Freedom Checks is the work of Matt Badiali. Badiali is an investor in the mining sector, and he is using the information he has acquired from the industry to make a difference in the way the average investor invests. If looking for an option to make some good money, then Freedom Checks is the way to go. There are some great advantages that one can get by investing in this industry. Some of the benefits include making huge returns on investments. According to Matt Badiali, those who will invest heavily in the system will be making a good income in the next few months.

Freedom Checks idea has transformed how people used to think about natural resources. Matt Badiali has proved that it is possible to make the right investments and get rewarded well for it. This system is working through businesses he calls Master Limited Partnerships. They are mainly local companies that deal with the exploration of oil and gas inside the United States.

The Financial Wisdom of Sandy Chin

Entrepreneur Sandy Chin is highly respected in the financial community for founding the first mutual fund focused on staples, Tidal Bore Capital, in 2016. While the staples sector of the economy may not seem as glamorous as the freewheeling world of startup and speculative companies, with 20 years of experience covering the staples sector of the economy, Chin is ideally suited to helping her clients make real money in the field. Her academic achievements include earning a BA in political science from Columbia University and an MBA from New York University.


As far as giving advice to budding entrepreneurs, Chin definitely recommends doing your homework and thoroughly understanding the industries that you are involved with before making business decisions. Her own days start with scanning the headlines for news about the companies she monitors then move into attending meetings, talking with industry insiders and much more all with the understanding that forewarned is forearmed when it comes to investment.


She is able to bring the financial vision to reality by quickly synthesizing the information she uncovers and adjusting her portfolio choices accordingly. This skill, she says, has been developed through years of practice. Chin recommends always asking for more, but not necessarily for things you want. It’s good to value yourself and ask for a raise, for example, but only after asking for more work first! She also recommends never refusing a meeting with anyone because you never know what that person has of value.


She also learns from failure; for example, once she was over-exposed in her portfolio in a small section of the staples market and took a hit. Now, she monitors her holdings to make sure that she has not put too many eggs in one basket. As far as her work tools, Chin is both high and low tech, using software from to manage data wherever she is and also using pens with two colors of ink in order to be able to make sense of notes later on.


Employee Moral Is High As Talos Energy Acquires Whistler Energy

Talos Energy is based in Houston Texas. Using seismography Talos drills for oil and natural gas in areas other companies consider too difficult to extract resources from. Talos’ drilling operation concentrates on the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

With 132 employees Talos Energy has been rated as a Top Work Place for four consecutive years. Top Work Place status is awarded by the job recruiting website Glassdoor. Critiques of a company provided by past and present employees are the sole basis for determining what employers are listed among Glassdoor’s “Best Workplaces”.

In September of this year, Talos Energy announced that it had acquired Whistler Energy II for $53 million. As part of the deal, Talos will collect $31 million of a $77 million surety bond with the rest going to Whistler. Seven million dollars that were already in Whistler’s coffers will go to Talos Energy. Between the monies from the surety bond and the $7 million, Whistler had on hand Talo’s cash outlay for the deal equaled $7 million.

The purchase makes the lease on an oil field known as Green Canyon 18 property of Talos Energy. Thus far, Green Canyon has yielded 117 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE). A BOE refers to the amount of energy a barrel of oil generates. Green Canyon 18 is located near Talos Energy owned sites that daily provide 30 million cubic feet of gas and 30,000 barrels of crude.

Timothy S. Duncan Talos Energy’s president and Chief Executive Officer expressed satisfaction with the Whistler Energy purchase sighting, “…low entry costs, production facilities with unused capacity.” It has already been proven that the Green Canyon site is rich in hydrocarbons the main component of oil and natural gas.

Currently the area around Green Canyon 18 is being seismically remapped by Talos Energy. The remapping opens the possibility of finding new oil deposits. When the US Government auctioned off oil drilling leases for sites in the Gulf of Mexico Talos won bids for three possible drilling sites. If productive, these recently acquired sites could be connected to the production facility at Green Canyon 18.