How Officers Use Securus Technologies to Maintain Order in Jail

In order to keep the peace inside prison today, it requires new technology that has the ability to do the work of an entire police force. Over the years, it has been new impossible with our limited police force to be in the yard, the mess hall, and listen to the inmate calls. Being stretched that thin gives the inmates an advantage, and when that happens, every person inside the jail is in immediate danger.


To combat the flow of drugs and other contraband in our visitor center, my team of corrections officers makes us of a high-tech scanner. We use this device to make sure no visitors are bringing anything into our jail that can be used by inmates to cause bodily harm. Even before we allow the inmates back to their cells, they have to walk through the scanner again so nothing gets back to the cells.


When our facility discovered that Securus Technologies developed a new telephone monitoring system that was being used in jails across the country, we needed to investigate further. The company is based in Texas, where one thousand of the most dedicated employees are working with CEO Rick Smith to make a positive difference on the planet.


We ditched the old phone monitoring system in our jail and were taught how the LBS software works with this new system. The amazing thing about the monitoring system is we saw results during the first hour it was in use at our facility.


An inmate was on the jail phone with his elderly mother, begging her to bring him her medication because he would be able to sell it to other inmates and use the money to pay for protection in the jail. That meeting was intercepted, and the medication never got into the jail as intended.


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