Rebranded Obsidian Energy Company

Penn West Petroleum Company Limited has been rebranded into the more robust and rejuvenated Obsidian Energy Company that is situated on the West Coast of Canada. Obsidian Energy is found in a rich oil belt that has adequate and ubiquitous oil and gas reserves. Obsidian Energy Company has an intermediate size in terms of coverage and it has been well-equipped to offer efficient and sufficient services to the customers at home and abroad. Obsidian Energy is headed by the able stewardship of Dr. French. A great overhaul in the management has been embraced with a view to catapult the command the company.


Obsidian Company has a highly balanced portfolio that has the capacity to amass about thirty thousand barrels per day. Obsidian Company handles both gas and oil in her transactions. Obsidian Energy Company has oil fields located in Alberta which is along the sedimentary basin in the west of Canada. Alberta is the region endowed with the most dominant and rich reserves of oil and gas that is crucial and essential to the oil industry. See More Info Here.


The oil exploitation is undertaken in the Pembina Cardium, Alberta Viking and the Peace River Oil. The highest percentage of the energy produced is tapped from the area and the majority of the companies are striving to get access and opportunity to have their premises in the belt. Obsidian Energy Company was one of the luckiest to enjoy the pride of place of having the ability to run her transactions from the locality.


Obsidian has amassed monumental acclamation from the services she has offered to various stakeholders in the form of Corporate Social responsibility and the commodities that the company presents to the public for consumption. Obsidian Energy Company has a projected income from the sales of the oils and gas products up to a tune of about eighty million Canadian Dollars. Obsidian Energy Company is expected to produce approximately thirty thousand barrels of energy in every day. The proceeds from the transaction will be employed in securing more workers.


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