How Liquid Handling Automation Solves Genomic Workflow Challenges With Robert Thikoll

Chr. Hansen is dairy products’ natural ingredients producing company situated in Denmark. As demonstrated by Martin Abel; a research scientist at the company, they perform different genetic analysis to ascertain that the products being produced match with those ending with the consumers. The company could not initially perform sequencing as it resulted into many errors, inconsistent data and took two weeks to get the results. However, through automating, Martin says the process can now be done in just 3 days. In processes where they used to prepare 24 samples a day, now lab researchers make 48 samples after automation. In order to accomplish this, they required a more stable robot that was easy to operate. Now, the company gets accurate data on time.

Robert Thikoll; the vice president of Global Manufacturing Operations, wrote an article on how to reduce workflow challenges in electronic equipment to improve on safety, cost and performance. Taking advantage of their controllability, it becomes possible to add cutting edge features. This creates a competitive advantage for the manufacturer while adding convenience to the consumer. Adding electric actuator to control systems automatically helps increase throttle required to operate hydraulic equipment and decrease it when power is less required. This approach saves on fuel, reduces manufacturing costs and increases safety.

He further adds that use of combined microprocessor-based controls results into more comply motion. A good example is the use of joystick controls to operate electric actuators and steer heavy-duty machinery. More safety and improved performance can be facilitated by connecting the electric actuator to the vehicle’s control unit. Setting speed limits at which the vehicle should operate while turning or making a complex motion can be achieved better through a simple control as reported by Robert Thikoll.

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