Siteline Cabinetry Gives What Customers Want

Siteline Cabinets are a breath of fresh air when it comes to making designer cabinets. The sensation that has rocked the cabinet industry makes cabinets the way you want them made, and they are not stored in some warehouse, all alike in a row.

There is no start on actually building the cabinets until the order is submitted to the Siteline plant in Virginia. The people who actually make the cabinets are skilled craftspeople who are really good at what they do. The actual process involves many choices that are actually pre-configured and precise engineering standards are used, so exact, precision cabinets are build to order which is faster than other methods.

Siteline Cabinets was started in 1973 by Pat Corsi whose dream it was to have a cabinet design company where the final output would be dramatic and easy to obtain for the masses. Now, 50,000 designed projects later that dream is a reality as many satisfied clients have been able to design their own personal cabinets with Corsi’s process.

The company motto is that every cabinet begins with a design concept. In other words the customer usually will have in mind what they want in the way of cabinets. For the kitchen, bathrooms, and other storage areas, people usually want some sort of continuity. At Siteline, everything starts with a blank slate, and then they like to say that they add your vision, speaking to the customer.

When that happens the customer gets to have total input with hundreds of designs and colors from which to choose. The choices offered include many choices of materials, colors and design. The choices for kitchen, bathroom and other storage needs can be coordinated so there is that continuity throughout the home.

Pricing is very competitive because even though there are endless choices of design and different kinds of cabinets, the pieces are already prearranged and can be put together in a very affordable manner.

People are amazed at the huge variety of choice, yet the finished product is professionally completed with affordability and style in mind. When people look at the finished product, they never will dream that all of that custom design could be as affordable as it is.

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