Fighting for the Rights of others-Human Rights Groups

Although human beings are considered to be intellectual and greater species on earth, they have been turning against each other causing war and killings of their fellow men. The wars have resulted in the increase of refugees who run to other nations for safety. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

A number of individuals have realized the degradation that human beings are doing to each other and this has led to the establishment of human rights advocacy groups.

The organizations are created to fight for human rights as they fight to preserve humanity as well making sure that every life matters. In the United States of America, these groups fight for the oppressed especially the migrants who come from the Southern region of the country.

Some of the human rights organizations in the United States of America and the world include;

  • Border Angles: the group was created in 1986 and since then it has been in the forefront to fight for the immigrant reforms as well as the rights of the migrants.
  • An Attorney for the Rights of the Child: it is a group established to fight for the rights of children as they advocate for the end of female circumcision.
  • CHIRLA: the group which is based in the United States fights for the rights of the immigrants especially in Los Angles. The group also authorizes the minority as it offers equal opportunity to all.
  • California Organization of Human Relations Organization: the mandate of the group is to protect human as well as the civil rights of people.
  • Amnesty International USA Group 30: it is a global organization created to advocate for political prisoners as well as the rights of other prisoners.
  • ACLU Immigrant’s Rights Project: immigrants moving to the United States have a group fighting for them. The team has their offices located in New York and California.

The human right advocacy activities cannot be mentioned without the mention of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who are renowned human rights activists. The two human rights advocates founded Frontera Fund.

The group has their Headquarters located in Arizona and has been fighting for the rights of Latin Americans. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin |

The group was founded on cash received after they Jim and Lacey were wrongfully arrested and paid $ 3.75 million. Mr. Jim and Mr. Lacey have been using their money to fund groups which are advocating for human rights all over the world.

Their work has enabled people who have been discriminated or even forgotten to have a voice.

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