Brian Torchin’s Contributions To The Medical Field Are An Inspiration To All

Brian Torchin is a medical professional and an expert health care recruiter that matches up other medical professionals with the right career opportunities. He is the creator of HCRC Staffing and works, himself, as a chiropractor. Earlier in his life, he attended the University of Delaware and received his Bachelor’s of Exercise Science and a degree in chiropractics as well. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

As he progressed and began to work in the medical industry, he become increasingly aware of the fact that filling positions with the right medical professionals was an area rife with problems.

Glassdoor reveals that while Brian Torchin continues to practice medicine, himself, he also heads up HCRC Staffing to ensure that patients receive optimal care from qualified medical experts.

His efforts have grown HCRC to become one of the countries greatest health staffing agencies, and even with falling rates of pay for health workers, he has been able to help create an atmosphere where quality doctors feel valued and offer their services to the patients who deserve great medical care.

Brian Torchin is very active on social media, and on his Facebook page you will see that he cares greatly for medical professionals and their patients. This is displayed by the numerous posts, which he puts on Facebook daily, for quality jobs for medical professionals.

His Facebook page is basically a treasure trove for any medical professional that is looking for work. His Twitter page is loaded with Tweets that offer the same kinds of job opportunities for medical professionals.

Dr. Torchin has been featured on many different media outlets, and some of these include

the Digital Journal,, and CNN iReport. Some of his greatest accomplishments are helping people to heal and recover from injuries in his own chiropractic practice, matching up countless quality medical professionals with the right kinds of jobs where their talents can be utilized to the maximum, and inspiring people with his open and caring attitude about the way that medical and health facilities should help the quality of life of their patients to be better.

In today’s medical world, it is good to have someone like Brian Torchin working for patients and the people who provide them with the care they deserve.

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