Roberto Santiago: The owner of Manaira Shopping Mall;

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur in Brazil’s Joao Pessoa city. His Date of Birth is July 16, 1958. He went to Pio X-Marist College, before joining the University of Joao Pessoa Centre for a Business Administration Undergraduate degree.


Santiago’s first job was at Café Santa Rosa, a Brazilian manufacturing company, that he quit later to start his own company, which he called cartonnage. It specialized in making cartons made out of cardboard.


He craved challenges, and so, he ventured into real estate, by buying a piece of land in 1987 and built the Manaira Mall on 75,000 square meters of land in Joao Pessoa city, Brazil. This shopping mall was constructed within 2 years, making his dream a reality.


The Manaira Shopping Mall was opened in 1989 and consisted of 280 stores that included a theatre, a food court, a gaming area, various financial institutions, shopping stores and a college. The Domus Hall, one of Brazil’s most famous halls is also situated at the Manaira Mall. It was designed on the rooftop, and it can host exhibitions, conferences, weddings and graduation ceremonies.


The Domus hall prides itself on being able to host more than 4,000 seats and can hold comfortably 10,000 individuals standing. It was upgraded with sound-proofed walls, high-tech music systems, and air-conditioners. It is also sub-divided with cabins for individuals who need privacy, while the ground floor is for big public events such as performances from Brazilian artists and also some International artists, who may otherwise not have visited Brazil, thus this great mall is a tourism booster.


There are many entertainment areas at the Manaira shopping mall, such as, a movie theater showing only the latest movies, a gaming area suitable for both adults and children that is built on 18,000 square feet, comprising of over 200 betting machines and a bowling alley.


The Mall also has a modern food court that has undergone numerous renovations over the years to offer different tastes that suit everyone’s budget at all times. They include classy dining places like the Waynes, Espaco Gourmet, the capital Steakhouse and various fast food restaurants.


This Great Mall is located between 2 beaches, giving it an amazing view. The parking can accommodate over 3,000 cars on a 135 feet parking space.


Santiago was not finished yet, and in 2013, he constructed yet another shopping mall, known as Madeira. It is no different from Manaira, with diverse business impacts.


These two malls have attracted advantages to the area, with many corporations and enterprises moving to the area and boosting the economic and social status of Joao Pessoa. They have created employment opportunities for many residents. Moreover, the land around the area has appreciated gradually, giving an increase to the economy.

Paul Wesley, A Man of Many Talents

paul wesleyPaul Wesley is most well known for playing the role of Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, a hit series on The CW, but he is a man of many talents. He has been acting since elementary school, which is something he talked about in an interview pertaining to his role in a play called “Cal in Camo”. His character in the play, Flynt, is a widower who is lost and trying to rediscover himself. In this Stage Buddy interview, Wesley talks about the amount of work required to play such an intense role. He also compares the role to his role on The Vampire Diaries. He explained that in traditional theater, actors are able to focus a lot more on their singular role than in television series.
In 2014, Wesley also made a big splash for the roles he played in Before I Disappear and Amira and Sam. He actually played several roles in the making of Before I Disappear. Not only did he act in it, but he was one ofpaul wesleypaul wesley the film’s producers. He was no passive producer, he helped his close friend Shawn Christensen, the director of the film, in every step of the film-making process. In an interview with Christina Radish of Collider, Wesley explained it all. He and another colleague helped Christensen turn the movie into a feature film from the short film that it was. He talked about how difficult the process of obtaining financing for the movie was, and how it took a total of 2 years to create. When Radish asked Wesley about his future in producing and directing he said “I’m going to direct a feature, for sure”. So it seems, in years to come we will get to see just how many talents Paul Wesley actually has.

Elysium Health – Prioritizing Cellular Health, Prioritizing Consumers

Elysium Health is a dietary supplement company that was founded in 2014. The company is currently headed by Dan Alminana (COO), Eric Marcotulli (CEO), and Leonard Guarente, the Chief Scientist of Elysium Health and director of the Glenn Laboratory of Science and Aging at MIT. In addition to their leadership team, Elysium Health works in conjunction with many world-class scientists to maintain the quality and scientific foundation of their products.

In only a few words, Elysium Health is on a mission to help consumers live healthier, longer. Their current aim is to tackle long term wellness by promoting cellular health. The company’s approach is different than many in their industry. For many years, the supplement industry has been scrutinized for the lack of scientific legitimacy behind products. However, Elysium Health is blazing a trail in the supplement industry based on scientific research and accountability.

Elysium Health puts its products through a series of rigorous tests to ensure that they are evaluated and assessed thoroughly before they are made available on the market. The company incorporates pre-existing scientific research—as well as their own—into product development. Every product by Elysium Health, be it Basis—their sole product—or one of the products still in development, goes through a preclinical development stage, wherein the product is tested for safety and effectiveness.

About Basis

Basis is Elysium Health’s premier product. It is a daily supplement designed to support cellular health. Basis contains a precursor to a coenzyme that is needed in order for us to maintain healthy cells; as we age, the coenzyme that Basis helps our bodies create—known as NAD+—begin to decrease, thus affecting certain cellular processes. Basis was developed to help replenish the enzymes, subsequently promoting cellular health. The product was designed for long-term, daily use for adults only.

Basis has a few different options when it comes to purchasing the product. Each bottle is one month’s supply of the product. You can elect to start with an individual purchase of $60 per bottle. Since Basis is designed for long-term use, they have also developed a monthly delivery schedule. Whichever plan you choose to go with will determine the level of discount you receive.

NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a television program that features a number of topics ranging from public announcements to electronic reviews. NewsWatch TV has aired many successful episodes and has gained lots of viewers over the years. The company has helped a number of other businesses grow and get their name out to the public. The first company who directly benefitted from working with NewsWatch TV was Avanca. Avanca was having a campaign designed to help them fund their upcoming launch of a new product. The company needed to raise over $10,000 in only 30 days time. They hired NewsWatch TV to help them accomplish this goal. NewsWatch TV created and aired a promotional video for them. In result, Avanca raised over $450,000 and smashed their original goal. Avanca stated that they enjoyed working with NewsWatch TV and would highly recommend them. The next company NewsWatch TV helped was Contour Design. This company also had a campaign designed to help them increase public exposure of their product. They hired NewsWatch TV to help them get the word out. NewsWatch promoted their company product and in result, Contour Design saw an overall increase in sales. They also received almost 700,000 online impressions of their product. The next company goes by the name of Saygus Smartphone. Saygus Smartphone hired NewsWatch TV to air reviews of them on national television. In result, Saygus smashed their campaign goal and earned over $1.3 million. They stated that they highly recommend NewsWatch TV and believe that they can help businesses increase sales. The final company who benefitted from working with NewsWatch TV was Steelseries. Steelseries is a professional gaming gear company who wanted to promote their product. After NewsWatch promoted their company in a promotional video, Steelseries products were seen in over 95 million households across the country.

Academy of Art University

For those that love fashion and art it may seem like your school prospects are limited. With the right school however you can open up your horizons and find the perfect career to suit your abilities and the things that you love to do. Academy of Art University is an inclusive and fantastic school for anyone looking to further their career in fashion and art.
There are tons of opportunities for students and graduates alike to create and showcase their fashions to the world. Those that are graduates have the unique experience of being able to participate in the annual runway showcase to show off their creative prowess. BFA and MFA graduates are given the opportunity to create their own collections that are shown to the public each year at New York Fashion Week.
This is a truly unique opportunity as most fashion schools are not given the option to showcase their student work on such a huge and well known platform. The 2017 show was held at the Skylight Clarkson Square on September 9th, 2017 and showcased the work of ten recent graduates. There were five women’s collections shown as well as two menswear and even two collaborations between graduates.
The Academy of Art University has so far held 21 annual shows and has helped launch the careers of many of their graduates. Classes include workshops, theory, history, internships and more that provide both a background and hands on approach to fashion so that students get the well rounded and total education that they need to break into the world of high fashion. Students from all over the world apply to the school but only a select few are accepted to the prestigious programs that are offered.
For those that are striving for a career in fashion and have ideas that they want to get out to the world, this is the school to attend. Though it might seem like little more than a piece of paper saying that you attended a school, few schools come with the prestige and glory that one might find while attending the Academy of Art University.

Malcolm CasSelle: One of the Smartest Men in the Digital World

Malcolm CasSelle is quite a smart man. He is President of a company called WAX (meaning Worldwide Asset eXchange) and develops platforms for buying and trading objects in video games. CasSelle holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s Degree from Stanford University in Computer Science.
Malcolm CasSelle is a man of many talents as well. He speaks Japanese and Mandarin. He was also an early investor in companies like Zynga, Bitcoin (which is popular nowadays), and Facebook. According to a article, the future of WAX can open many doors for many different kinds of people. Here is how it works and how it can be applied to future formats.
The platform of WAX allows users in video games to buy and sell digital products in order to advance in the particular game. One of the keys to why this platform works as well as it does is due to the security measures that are in place. the system uses a token format and has people called Transfer Agents that make sure transactions are completed fairly and legally. If a Transfer Agent does not follow the rules he or she can be reported to a Guild and banned from that particular game. The system can also be used in real life scenarios as well.
Think about something really cool that you may want to be an owner of. A couple of examples are an Aston Martin that was used in the James Bond films or a favorite NBA players game-worn shoes. Owning a piece of history is now possible with WAX. Guilds will make sure that transactions of physical assets will be handled in a fair and just manner. This is just one way that WAX is transforming the world of the physical and digital marketplaces. This is the genius of Malcolm CasSelle.
Malcolm CasSelle has single-handedly revolutionized the buying and selling of digital and real-life assets. The combination of digital and physical assets on this platform will be difficult to surpass.If one thing is for sure Malcolm CasSelle is one of the smartest people in the digital platform world.


In the past, employees had the privilege of buying shares of the company. However, this is no longer the norm as many firms have withdrawn this privilege due the burden of accounting, rapid swing of share value and the compensation method that is not favorable to employees. Jeremy Goldstein has a solution to this matter and has encouraged companies to embrace what he refers to as the ‘knockout option’.


Advantages of the knockout option


To begin with, knockout options will increase an individual’s earnings if the company’s share value also increases. This will motivate employees to work extra hard with the aim of boosting the stock value of the firm. Second, for firms that provide compensation packages to top executives, they are likely to incur heavy taxes if they provide shares instead of options. Last but not least, options are easier to understand and they are of the same value to all the employees.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He is also a leading partner at the firm which offers legal advice to compensation committees, corporate governance, CEOs and management teams in executive compensation. Jeremy Goldstein holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts, Art History from Cornell University, a Masters of Arts, Art History from the University of Chicago and a Juris Doctor, Law from New York University School of Law.


Some of the notable works Jeremy Goldstein has done include assisting in the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies, Chevron Texaco Corporation, Bank of America Corporation, Phillips Petroleum company, Cingular Wireless Corporation and Verizon Wireless Corporation. Jeremy Goldstein also likes to give back to the society and for the past 9 years he has been the director of Fountain House, an organization that gives hope to victims of mental illness.


TO learn more, connect with Jeremy Goldstein on LinkedIn.

Igor Cornelsen Shares Three Tips to Invest in Brazil

The Brazilian economy is booming, and many investors are interested in putting their money in the country. With about 200 million people, Brazil is an attractive market for multinationals. But what do you need to know before going to invest in the country? Igor Cornelsen, a prominent Brazilian banker, offers three ways in which to succeed as a foreign investor in the country.

  1. Be Ready to Deal with Bureaucracy

Foreigners face a lot of challenges while operating in Brazil. The nation has strict regulations that discourage many investors from investing in the country. For those willing to invest in the country, it is vital to familiarize themselves with the different regulations and how they compare with those from other countries. You need to know how to go through the various rules and also how to bypass the unimportant ones. Besides, one needs to understand how the country interacts with other nations. Investors need to learn about any trade embargo with other countries and how that can affect their investors.

  1. Connect with the Locals

When it comes to the management of multinationals, connecting with the natives is very important. Brazil is no different. There is need to connect with the nation’s culture and businesses. Brazilians are talkative and like giving advice. Those seeking to succeed in the market need to connect with the various firms in the country to create strong networks. Given that a quarter of those between 18 and 64 years old are entrepreneurs, there is much a foreign investor can learn from building a network.

  1. Learn About Foreign-Currency Restrictions

Brazil has tight controls on its foreign-currency transactions. There is need to understand the country’s currency and how it compares with others. The knowledge about the Brazil’s currency is essential in helping investors know the value of some investments. Furthermore, foreign-currency transactions are only done by authorized financial institutions. The country uses the official commercial rate in the trade of foreign currency. However, the county’s Central Bank sometimes intervenes in determining the exchange rate. Although the country’s foreign-currency market is somehow complicated, it is profitable too.

Who is Igor Cornelsen?

Igor Cornelsen is former Brazilian investment banker. In his lifetime, he has got a chance to work for various big banks in the country. Due to his experience in the banking sector, many companies in Brazil and the United States still seek for his advice on capital investment among others. Currently, he is working at Bainbridge Group Inc. where he participates in the development investment strategies.

Cornelsen is prominent capital investment consultant where he serves clients such as investment banks and individuals. He likes dealing with long-term projects and develops strategies that help his clients make profits. One of the most critical strategies he uses is spreading investments.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: The Man to Oversee the Succession Process at Bradesco in the Coming Months

The presence or absence of effective leadership can make or break an organization. In addition to providing strategic direction, effective leaders inspire confidence among employees, shareholders, and customers that ultimately help their companies grow. Brazilian bank, Bradesco has throughout its 74-year existence benefitted from successive effective leadership. Consequently, it has grown to become one of the most prosperous banks in the country with assets valued at close to $400 billion. Until recently, the bank was led by a highly effective senior leadership team of Lazaro Brandao as chairman and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as president. However, this all changed a few weeks ago when Lazaro Brandao decided to take a break from the cutthroat world of banking and resign from his position. The bank immediately replaced him with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. It is now in the process of selecting a new president with the hope that Bradesco can once again have a strong leadership team as it had before.
The new president will be selected by Bradesco’s board, now headed by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Thus far, the bank has not communicated that it is looking for specific qualifications or competencies in its new president. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has expressed that the incoming president will be an employee of the bank. Consequently, the next president will most likely be selected from among the seven executive vice presidents currently employed at the bank.
To reflect the bank’s changing stature, the Bradesco board will also likely also change in structure in the coming days. The board, which is the man decision-making organ at the bank, is currently designed to accommodate eight members. Being a private institution, some of these members are drawn from the family of the late Amador Aguiar – Bradesco’s founder. That said, since the bank has become a lot larger in the last few years, it is increasingly becoming clear that eight people may not be enough to carry the decision-making burden at the giant lender. Consequently, while a concrete decision has not been made yet, there has been a lot of talk of expanding the board to include more members. Not only would this ease the responsibilities placed on the current eight members, but it would also lead to the introduction of fresh ideas that could help Bradesco further differentiate itself from the competition.
Further, the incoming president will operate in a slightly different climate to that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been working in. For starters, the incoming president will not be a member of the bank’s board. This compares starkly with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who was not only a member of the board but went on to be appointed as the vice chairman in 2014. The goal of scrapping the president’s involvement in the board is to ensure that he/she can focus more of his/her energies towards running the day-to-day activities at the bank. This decision especially makes sense when one considers the fact that Bradesco is a lot bigger today than it was a few years ago.
For Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the mandate in his new position will remain more or less the same as it was in his last. As president, he was tasked with ensuring that the Bradesco brand expanded as much as possible without putting significant strain on its margins. To say that he has diligently worked towards achieving this objective during his tenure would be an understatement. If anything, he has gone above and beyond it. Now as chairman, he will equally be tasked with expanding the Bradesco brand to become a dominant player in Brazil’s financial industry.

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