NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a television program that features a number of topics ranging from public announcements to electronic reviews. NewsWatch TV has aired many successful episodes and has gained lots of viewers over the years. The company has helped a number of other businesses grow and get their name out to the public. The first company who directly benefitted from working with NewsWatch TV was Avanca. Avanca was having a campaign designed to help them fund their upcoming launch of a new product. The company needed to raise over $10,000 in only 30 days time. They hired NewsWatch TV to help them accomplish this goal. NewsWatch TV created and aired a promotional video for them. In result, Avanca raised over $450,000 and smashed their original goal. Avanca stated that they enjoyed working with NewsWatch TV and would highly recommend them. The next company NewsWatch TV helped was Contour Design. This company also had a campaign designed to help them increase public exposure of their product. They hired NewsWatch TV to help them get the word out. NewsWatch promoted their company product and in result, Contour Design saw an overall increase in sales. They also received almost 700,000 online impressions of their product. The next company goes by the name of Saygus Smartphone. Saygus Smartphone hired NewsWatch TV to air reviews of them on national television. In result, Saygus smashed their campaign goal and earned over $1.3 million. They stated that they highly recommend NewsWatch TV and believe that they can help businesses increase sales. The final company who benefitted from working with NewsWatch TV was Steelseries. Steelseries is a professional gaming gear company who wanted to promote their product. After NewsWatch promoted their company in a promotional video, Steelseries products were seen in over 95 million households across the country.

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