Paul Wesley, A Man of Many Talents

paul wesleyPaul Wesley is most well known for playing the role of Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, a hit series on The CW, but he is a man of many talents. He has been acting since elementary school, which is something he talked about in an interview pertaining to his role in a play called “Cal in Camo”. His character in the play, Flynt, is a widower who is lost and trying to rediscover himself. In this Stage Buddy interview, Wesley talks about the amount of work required to play such an intense role. He also compares the role to his role on The Vampire Diaries. He explained that in traditional theater, actors are able to focus a lot more on their singular role than in television series.
In 2014, Wesley also made a big splash for the roles he played in Before I Disappear and Amira and Sam. He actually played several roles in the making of Before I Disappear. Not only did he act in it, but he was one ofpaul wesleypaul wesley the film’s producers. He was no passive producer, he helped his close friend Shawn Christensen, the director of the film, in every step of the film-making process. In an interview with Christina Radish of Collider, Wesley explained it all. He and another colleague helped Christensen turn the movie into a feature film from the short film that it was. He talked about how difficult the process of obtaining financing for the movie was, and how it took a total of 2 years to create. When Radish asked Wesley about his future in producing and directing he said “I’m going to direct a feature, for sure”. So it seems, in years to come we will get to see just how many talents Paul Wesley actually has.

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