Securus Technologies Takes on the Drone Threats with Digital Solutions

Securus is the company charged with providing digital security to most of America’s agencies. It is said to be handling over 3500 agencies. The firm is also the one charged with preventing of illegal contraband from America’s correctional facilities. The company has been ahead of the pack in proactive prevention of security breaches. Following studies that demonstrated that drones are increasingly being used for illegal activities including smuggling banned items into prisons, Securus engaged its technology research wing to develop mechanisms to prevent the use of drones for such purposes.


The Cutting Edge Drone Detection Technology

Securus invested in researching ways of detecting drones. They have conducted several tests that have so far proved successful. According to the news on various media channels, Securus Technologies just completed the testing of their drone detection technology program for providing security to correctional institutions. Securus is one of the best technology-based companies that offer safety and security solutions to the market. As alluded to earlier, Securus Technologies is also involved in extending security services for other government agencies including payment service setups.


The Drone Detection Program works

Securus management has confirmed that they have conducted tests on their drone detection program. They note that it is not a perfect solution as yet but are quick to also observe that even the hardest tasks are solved by starting somewhere. The spokesman of the company says that Securus continues to conduct research regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the drone detection tools. The beauty of the drone detection technology that is about to be launched by Securus is that it is a product of many brains working together to overcome the social security issues. Securus says, that even with the new program, a cooperation of the ultimate form is required between them and the correctional officers. Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Carrollton Texas. It is said to be at the service of over 1, 200 000 prison inmates in North America.


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