Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe Deere also known as “Unicorn Queen” of colors. Is a beautiful talented woman. She was born in Russia, but grew up in New York City and studied fashion design there. Doe Deere started her company Lime Crime in 2008. She is currently in LA, California. Her daring colorful cosmetics are cruelty free. The cosmetics are also certified and vegan, how cool!
“Unicorn Queen” started out by designing and creating her own fashion line, online. When she would model her own outfits, to post her clothes online, she never found the complimentary colors she was looking for. Thus she started creating her own. Don Deere claims two things she has always loved is fairy tales and make-up. So, why not combine them? The mascot to Lime Crime is a Unicorn! Unicorns represent kindness to all animals, individuality, and unique beauty. Purple is the color of creativity, so it is only natural to make it the brand color.
2004 is the year Doe Deere began to sell clothes on eBay. This was where she created her first digital store, and in less than one year she was having steady sales. By 2008 her make-up line launched. Her make-up line originally had eye shadow, various types of blushes, glitter, primers, and fine brushes. These products started at 12 dollars and she promoted through online videos. 2009 is when publicity began to take off and thus Lime Crime as we know it.
Doe Deere started a blog on make-up tutorials which allowed her to get her first customers. The online publicity gave her a solid fan base. Now there are over 3 million followers on Instagram! Great advice Doe Deere gives is to always listen to the feedback and criticism people give you online, in the office, and from all over. Any criticism you get is “food” to help you grow and develop your brand. The public will tell you whatever they want whenever they want. Tune in to what they say, and respond appropriately. It is essential to express yourself on topics you are passionate about.
Doe Deere quit school, to start her clothing line. She was unsure if this was the end destination she wanted. When she started her make-up line she was positive this is what she wanted. Our “Unicorn Queen” says one she hit the make-up line she never looked back. People started to notice how passionate she was about the make-up, which made sells higher. Doe Deere says “I feel like I created the best possible job in the world.”


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