Rocketship Education and The New Initiative It Has Done for Students in Tennessee

In education, it is the priority of teachers and parents to make sure that the students get the most quality and consequentially effective education that they deserve and that can level up their chances in the future.

Without the right information, educational style and curriculum, the students won’t be able to get the right chances they deserve when they hit their college years. It’s also most challenging when the education of these kids are coming from a marginalized community. It is extra burden, too, to get the right education for these children when they don’t have a good financial background. Fortunately, we have people like the founders and creators of Rocketship Foundation to help students with the marginalized background to get the education that they need.

The Tennessee Education Situation

There are many problems in the educational system today for the youth. Some youth are turned into a pariah because they don’t get the right sense of education that teaches them decorum and social empowerment. This also means that there’s a greater need for passionate teachers and instructors who try to fix the problem in the most ethical and organic way. In the case of the problematic issues in Tennessee, the educators behind Rocketship Education learned that one practical and empirical way to increase the reputation, progress, and performance of the students is to improve the measurement of their grades.

Right now, most Nashville public schools are now able to track their students’ performance with the help of the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), which is a progressive and individualized form of gauging how much has been done for the improvement of the students’ education.

About Rocketship Education

One great thing you can read about Rocketship Education is the fact that there’s not a lot of complaints or any hostile obloquy written about them. Being a non-profit education network has generated a lot of growth for Rocketship Education, and it also helps that the company is being founded by John Danner and Preston Smith, which already have built a reputation for helping a lot of children go to school.

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