Infinity Group Of Australia Given Commendations For Innovation

The Australian Financial Review has given Infinity Group Australia an award for their innovation as a financial firm. The company was founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker to help with financing in the many places where companies cannot get assistance. They offer loans to the company that are most in need, and they allow private clients to take out loans that will be of greater service to them.


  1. What Does Infinity Group Do Every Day?


Infinity Group Australia reviews show that the company works hard on loan processing for all their clients. They offer much better own terms than their competitors, and they are willing to create loans that serve the market better. They know the Australian market better than any other, and they have worked with customers acros sAustrlia to give them the best possible service.


  1. Their Founding Principals


Graeme and Rebecca founded the company on the principles that every business should keep. They created a culture where their employees are happy, and they want their customers to feel as though they are listening. These simple things make the company a much better place to work, and they attract customers who are hoping for a higher level of customer service than a traditional bank would give.


  1. The Customer Service Level


The level of customer service that people receive from Infinity Group is so high that no traditional bank can compete. The company works like a boutique investing firm where they can bring their customers in for advice, allow them to learn something, and explain their loan products in great detail. Customers are never confused when working with this company, and they are given much better terms as a result of their understanding.


  1. The Award Is One Of Many


The award from the AFR is just one that the company has earned over the years. They have been working on more innovative products than the banking industry for so long that they are always on the short list for awards in the industry. They are known well among their peers, and they have created an image of understanding and excellence.


  1. Conclusion


The Infinity Group difference is in their customer service. The Infinity Group team helps clients choose the best loans, and the company has learned over the years that there is a way to reach each client without the confusion that often ensues when a loan is originated. Learn more:

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