Lime Crime merges with Tengram Capital Partners

On June 18,2018 Lime crime the new popular makeup brand known for its original style, has merged with Tengram Capital Partners; which is a firm that helps companies with strong brands grow. In 2008, Lime Crime was founded by the entrepreneurs Doe Deere and Mark Dumbelton. Lime Crime is known for using a different style like Unicorn Lipsticks, with different colors, and Velvetines, Diamond Crushers Lip toppers, including the Unicorn Hair.

After a while, this brand became more popular. For example, places like, London, Singapore, and Los Angeles know about it, and those customers love it. The brand is such a success, that even retailers like, Bloomingdales, Riley Rose an have been selling it. Other retailers such as Cult Beauty, Feel Unique, and Selfridges have been doing the same thing as well; knowing that the brand has excelled in the market, they all decided to include their contribution.

Tengram’s plan for the company, is to help it grow, by using good marketing strategies, that will attract the consumers, or clients even more. Tengram plans to expand the amount of Lime products more to make sure they are available everywhere; they also are working on creating more products to get more sales globally. Tengram is very serious about the progress of Lime, which is why they are willing to work hard to turn their new visions for the company into reality.

The new Lime officers Stacy Panagakis, and Sasha Valentine, are willing to put their full concentration into the product; because they admire the creativity, the message, and the inspiration of the company. They think the way it already attracts the current consumers so much is so brilliant, that their new projects and ideas, will just multiply, and extend the progress of the company. Lime Crime makeups will be more successful and more enjoyable to all the current consumers, the potential ones, and it will be just the same for the retailers.Find out more about Lime Crime:

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