The RealReal: From A Kitchen Table To $100 Million Dollar Fashion Empire

The RealReal provides exclusive services to shoppers. These high touch services allow customers to get the experience of a luxury department store straight to their digital device. Better yet, the company has found a way to have a driver sent to a customer’s home to pick up a consignment item. The unique variety the company offers continues to drive customers to this store. Inventory turns over quickly. Regardless if a customer is seeking Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Chanel, The RealReal has all the latest luxury goods any fashionista could dream of.

The RealReal has taken a bite out of the lucrative consignment market, especially the high end side. More than ever are luxury goods being consumed at a very fast space. For the first time in a while or maybe ever, has secondhand fashion become the thing. Fashionistas are loving to purchase luxury items for a temporary period. Then they sell items through a luxury consignment company like The RealReal. Customers are loving to share their items with others like never before. The RealReal has been very smart in all of their business decisions. Founder Julie Wainwright did not accidentally stumble into lucrative fashion space. This businesswoman knew the numbers pointed to something good. Apparel resale is around an eighteen billion dollar industry. In four years, that number will have spiked to thirty three billion dollars.

Julie Wainwright has birthed a brain that has been able in four short years to reach the one hundred million dollar mark. The tremendously fast growth experienced by The RealReal relates to the how the company has branded itself as the experts on knowing the difference between authentic designers and the fakes. This is extremely important for shoppers who want high end labels but with secondhand prices. All clothing, footwear, accessories and handbags are fully examined to make sure they are truly authentic. This company is expanding past its flagship digital website. They have ventured into the physical space with their fashion brand. Testing out a few pop up shops have made the leadership at The RealReal decide to open permanent physical shopping locations.

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