Employee Moral Is High As Talos Energy Acquires Whistler Energy

Talos Energy is based in Houston Texas. Using seismography Talos drills for oil and natural gas in areas other companies consider too difficult to extract resources from. Talos’ drilling operation concentrates on the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

With 132 employees Talos Energy has been rated as a Top Work Place for four consecutive years. Top Work Place status is awarded by the job recruiting website Glassdoor. Critiques of a company provided by past and present employees are the sole basis for determining what employers are listed among Glassdoor’s “Best Workplaces”.

In September of this year, Talos Energy announced that it had acquired Whistler Energy II for $53 million. As part of the deal, Talos will collect $31 million of a $77 million surety bond with the rest going to Whistler. Seven million dollars that were already in Whistler’s coffers will go to Talos Energy. Between the monies from the surety bond and the $7 million, Whistler had on hand Talo’s cash outlay for the deal equaled $7 million.

The purchase makes the lease on an oil field known as Green Canyon 18 property of Talos Energy. Thus far, Green Canyon has yielded 117 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE). A BOE refers to the amount of energy a barrel of oil generates. Green Canyon 18 is located near Talos Energy owned sites that daily provide 30 million cubic feet of gas and 30,000 barrels of crude.

Timothy S. Duncan Talos Energy’s president and Chief Executive Officer expressed satisfaction with the Whistler Energy purchase sighting, “…low entry costs, production facilities with unused capacity.” It has already been proven that the Green Canyon site is rich in hydrocarbons the main component of oil and natural gas.

Currently the area around Green Canyon 18 is being seismically remapped by Talos Energy. The remapping opens the possibility of finding new oil deposits. When the US Government auctioned off oil drilling leases for sites in the Gulf of Mexico Talos won bids for three possible drilling sites. If productive, these recently acquired sites could be connected to the production facility at Green Canyon 18.

The Chief Publisher of the Natural Resources Investments Newsletter from the Banyan Hill Company-Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a scientist who holds a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences and a master’s degree in Science in Geology. He did his undergraduate studies at Penn State University before enrolling at the Florida Atlantic University for his graduate program. Badiali further studied for his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina where he spent five years in the program before a friend invited him to try out the financial field in 2004. Badiali’s friend had a Ph.D. in Finance and had also proposed to him on working together in his work projects of boosting the businesses for the average investors in America.

Further, his friend was particularly interested as he thought Badiali’s knowledge in the field of Geology and Sciences would be paramount to their investment. The aim of the partnership again was to help investors become successful through crafting the financial advice that would not only captivate them but would help them in their investments as well. Matt Badiali was interested in the idea as he had seen how his father had struggled in his investment and was willing to formulate a plan that would help generate money without loses. With this saw the writing of financial articles on investment advice, which helped a countless number of individuals to double and even triple their money.

About Matt Badiali’s work as an Investment Expert

After working on article writing on the investment subject for a while, Matt Badiali later launched the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. Badiali established the newsletter under the Banyan Hill Company, a publishing company on financials, where his background knowledge on the natural resources industry has helped many as the field relies on a highly speculative market. Also, one trend that excites Matt Badiali is the fact that there is almost a breakthrough into getting to use more resources that are energy- efficient rather than using kerosene, which he hopes that will be part of the transformation. Additionally, Badiali’s ideas and advice in his newsletter are mostly tied to his personal experiences and knowledge as he is able to give directions to his readers by relating to their situation.

How Betsy DeVos Is Becoming The Bulldog Of Education Reform

The 2016 Presidential Election served as a litmus test on the average American voter. Did the average voter want more of the same or was real change in order? The votes were overwhelming and the results of the election were clear, Donald Trump was brought into the White House in order to do something different. However, it isn’t President Trump that has our attention at all. Instead, we are focused on his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos was a prominent supporter of the Michigan Republican Party for over 30 years and now she is being given free reign to pursue education reform in an increasingly divisive environment. Let’s take a close look at how Betsy DeVos might be the bulldog that conservatives need to rally around.


The first thing that you should know about Betsy DeVos is that she fully believes in what she is doing. As admitted by political allies and opponents, Betsy DeVos is not the kind of person to play politics and offer lip service for a policy or idea. Instead, Betsy DeVos truly believes that she is a reformer and that she was brought into Washington D.C. by President Trump in order to fix what was broken and bring aid to those that are in need. Her focus is specifically on education reform and she is basing her work around the 50-year-old writings of Milton Friedman. Specifically, DeVos is taking inspiration from Friedman’s treatise titled, ‘The Role Of Government in Education’.


If you are from Michigan then the odds are good that you are at least somewhat familiar with Betsy DeVos. DeVos and her husband, Dick, have been two of the most high-profile Republican donors and supporters in the state over the past 30 or 40 years. Betsy DeVos herself has served as chairman on six different committees while also operating several of her own non-profit foundations in order to push for education reform. The simple fact is that Betsy DeVos has spent her entire life working toward education reform and she isn’t about to back down with the chance of a lifetime on her side.


In Washington D.C., we’ve seen that newcomers to the political scene can become vulnerable to older members of the establishment. With that being said, Betsy DeVos doesn’t give an inch. In fact, DeVos gives back several times over whatever is directed at her. As the leader of the Department of Education, DeVos has worked hard to reach both side of the aisle on the concept of education reform. With that being said, she is not going to act like she has time for obstructionists. Betsy DeVos is here to reform public education for the better and obstacles will be overcome. She’s the bulldog that conservatives need prowling the halls of the Department of Education.


Visit www.betsydevos.com to learn more.

Wes Edens: Using Innovative Technology to Elevate Operations at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group has revolutionized the manner in which the alternative asset industry operates. The company has brought fold technology that has enhanced the operations of the company. Technology had not been known to one of the derivatives of quality services in the asset management sector until the company decided to incorporate this factors into the operations of the company. However, a significant number of individuals have a perception that the company has, for a more extended period, been operating with board management decisions.

However, one person has been at the center of technology incorporation at the operations of the entity. Wes Edens has consistently proved to be what all the profit-making organizations have been looking; a leader who has greater vision, which will help the company to incorporate advanced methods that will help the company operate professionally. Being one of the executive leaders of the company, Wes Edens could have had a significant influence on the way the company makes decisions. However, not all the individuals, especially those at the executive positions, have been able to make critical decisions that help the company to stand tall among other organizations in the industry.

Wes Edens ensured the Fortress Investment Group incorporated technology in all the operations of the company which brought a significant number of benefits. One of the vital roles brought about by technology to the company is to help it to cut on the overall operational costs. By use of modern methods, the company was able to use a large number of machines to perform most of the roles performed by the company while at the same time ensuring that the company cut labor cost.

Wes Edens could not have done better by incorporating technology into the operations of the company but to bring about automation of a significant number of activities carried out by the company. Companies are bound to conduct a large number of repetitive tasks, which are sometimes expensive and tedious. However, incorporating technology helped Fortress Investment Group to perform all of its repetitive tasks through automation. Innovation has brought about innovations such as robots and some advanced systems that can be used in performing multiple tasks within a short period.