The Financial Wisdom of Sandy Chin

Entrepreneur Sandy Chin is highly respected in the financial community for founding the first mutual fund focused on staples, Tidal Bore Capital, in 2016. While the staples sector of the economy may not seem as glamorous as the freewheeling world of startup and speculative companies, with 20 years of experience covering the staples sector of the economy, Chin is ideally suited to helping her clients make real money in the field. Her academic achievements include earning a BA in political science from Columbia University and an MBA from New York University.


As far as giving advice to budding entrepreneurs, Chin definitely recommends doing your homework and thoroughly understanding the industries that you are involved with before making business decisions. Her own days start with scanning the headlines for news about the companies she monitors then move into attending meetings, talking with industry insiders and much more all with the understanding that forewarned is forearmed when it comes to investment.


She is able to bring the financial vision to reality by quickly synthesizing the information she uncovers and adjusting her portfolio choices accordingly. This skill, she says, has been developed through years of practice. Chin recommends always asking for more, but not necessarily for things you want. It’s good to value yourself and ask for a raise, for example, but only after asking for more work first! She also recommends never refusing a meeting with anyone because you never know what that person has of value.


She also learns from failure; for example, once she was over-exposed in her portfolio in a small section of the staples market and took a hit. Now, she monitors her holdings to make sure that she has not put too many eggs in one basket. As far as her work tools, Chin is both high and low tech, using software from to manage data wherever she is and also using pens with two colors of ink in order to be able to make sense of notes later on.


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