Krishen Iyer: Digital Marketing Challenges Facing Marketers and Consumers

Krishen Iyer is the CEO and Founder of Managed Benefits Services which he founded in 2016. He initially named the company Quick Link Marketing, which he later rebranded to focus on the health and dental insurance companies and service providers. Krishen Iyer is a graduate from the San Diego State University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration. As a digital marketer, Krishen affirms that both the marketers and the consumers face challenges with digital technologies.


While the consumers face compatibility related issues and challenges of how to use various devices, marketers face different problems altogether. With the rising popularity of voice command recognition, marketers have to work an extra mile to promote their products. Different products associate themselves with various advantages. This may vary according to color, durability, cost and other distinguishing factors. When a consumer orders a product online, the user account keeps records of the product and produces the same brand when the consumer orders in the future. The user can only change the brand preference if they prefer another brand based on the distinguishing factors.


Krishen Iyer’s experience growing in multiple marketing companies was a critical factor in developing effective strategies to influence markets and even launch his own marketing company. Besides giving consumers the general overview of a product’s features, Krishen Iyer advises companies to research their target markets, identify consumers’ needs and then make a product that satisfies that need. The company must also be in a position to make the consumers choose their product by specifying how different it is from the other products in the market. Marketers must find ways to appeal to various markets lack of which the competitors get the lead. When selling products online, marketers should also be cautious about the appearance of their product. For instance, with a group of shoppers in need of a glass cleaner, some will recognize the color of a product as the distinguishing factor.


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