Zeco Auriemo Leads JHSF To New York’s Fifth Avenue

Zeco Auriemo, the current president of JHSF, is renowned for his excellent leadership. He took over the presidency of the firm in 1993, and since then, he has done nothing but steer JHSF to success. Today, JHSF is a market leader in the Brazilian real estate arena, thanks to his ability to introduce new concepts with each wake.

Under his leadership, JHSF has seen exponential success, and now operates even beyond the Brazilian borders. For instance, the Company will soon be well represented in Fifth Avenue, New York, one of the world’s most sought-after residential areas. Fifth Avenue is famed for being home to A-list entrepreneurs, lawyers, advertisers, and now thanks to Zeco Auriemo, Brazil will now own part of this rare gem.

According to reports, Zeco Auriemo plans on transforming the $32 million four-story mansion that was built in 1871 into a modern and luxurious 14-floor building. Zeco already has the approval from the city’s authorities allowing him to put up the 14 floor-structure in that location. However, getting the approval was no easy feat. According to the current representative of JHSF in the USA, and also the former chief executive officer of Safra National Bank, Sergio Millerman, the architect appointed for the project, Timothy Greer, had to present the projects three good times before they could get approval. Sergio, further added that approximately 90% of the projects usually have to undergo this process before they can get authorization.


About Zeco Auriemo

As mentioned earlier, Zeco Auriemo is the current president and chairman of JHSF, and as revealed earlier, it’s the position he assumed in 1993, and ever since, Mr. Auriemo has contributed massively to the company’s success. However, before he was appointed as president, Zeco Auriemo worked at JHSF since he was a teenager. His daily involvement with the family business and his lucrative educational background saw him gain extensive knowledge, and a rich experience, on how to run it, and as such, when he was appointed in the prominent position, he had a lot to bring to the table.