Academy of Art University

For those that love fashion and art it may seem like your school prospects are limited. With the right school however you can open up your horizons and find the perfect career to suit your abilities and the things that you love to do. Academy of Art University is an inclusive and fantastic school for anyone looking to further their career in fashion and art.
There are tons of opportunities for students and graduates alike to create and showcase their fashions to the world. Those that are graduates have the unique experience of being able to participate in the annual runway showcase to show off their creative prowess. BFA and MFA graduates are given the opportunity to create their own collections that are shown to the public each year at New York Fashion Week.
This is a truly unique opportunity as most fashion schools are not given the option to showcase their student work on such a huge and well known platform. The 2017 show was held at the Skylight Clarkson Square on September 9th, 2017 and showcased the work of ten recent graduates. There were five women’s collections shown as well as two menswear and even two collaborations between graduates.
The Academy of Art University has so far held 21 annual shows and has helped launch the careers of many of their graduates. Classes include workshops, theory, history, internships and more that provide both a background and hands on approach to fashion so that students get the well rounded and total education that they need to break into the world of high fashion. Students from all over the world apply to the school but only a select few are accepted to the prestigious programs that are offered.
For those that are striving for a career in fashion and have ideas that they want to get out to the world, this is the school to attend. Though it might seem like little more than a piece of paper saying that you attended a school, few schools come with the prestige and glory that one might find while attending the Academy of Art University.