The Expansion Plans OSI Industries is Implementing

The number of people who consume processed pork, beef, and chicken products each day has been increasing. The products have become a major delight for many people across the world. This would not have been so without the input of a great food processing company known as OSI Industries. The firm has continued to enjoy a vast market since its establishment in 1990. It was known as Otto and Sons by this time and Toledo, Spain was its location. Amazingly, the company has gained a reputable name in over 17 countries today. The company had started to extend its production capacity, and it completed it in early 2018.

Most people were amazed to see the company doubling its chicken production to an annual capacity of about 24,000 tons. It previously used to produce 12,000 tons per year before its production doubled. OSI Industries today produces over 45,000 tons of pork, chicken, and beef yearly. The company used to have about 140 employees, but this figure has continued to increase. The company has created a position for a manager in charge of product development. The manager will ensure the current products have achieved the intended improvement to widen the company’s market scope.

Portugal and Spain are just examples of the countries with immense demand for chicken products from this company. The company looks forward to an expanded market in the future. Since OSI Industries is the leading company in the production of the chicken product, it’s doing its best to retain this position even if competition is speculated to increase. The company worked hard to get 22,600-square-feet larger workspace.

OSI Industries is also focused in having some other improved facilities such as nitrogen tanks, hot water facilities, supply storage, shipping and receiving section, oil service area, workers’ social space, and refrigerated rooms to keep waste containers. Although the company has a good food portfolio, it intends to add some new food products and enhance its customer networking system. The company is set to build several modern kitchens where chefs will be trained and tested. It will also install some modern outdoor and indoor cameras to enhance security, and a new firefighting system.