Elysium Health – Prioritizing Cellular Health, Prioritizing Consumers

Elysium Health is a dietary supplement company that was founded in 2014. The company is currently headed by Dan Alminana (COO), Eric Marcotulli (CEO), and Leonard Guarente, the Chief Scientist of Elysium Health and director of the Glenn Laboratory of Science and Aging at MIT. In addition to their leadership team, Elysium Health works in conjunction with many world-class scientists to maintain the quality and scientific foundation of their products.

In only a few words, Elysium Health is on a mission to help consumers live healthier, longer. Their current aim is to tackle long term wellness by promoting cellular health. The company’s approach is different than many in their industry. For many years, the supplement industry has been scrutinized for the lack of scientific legitimacy behind products. However, Elysium Health is blazing a trail in the supplement industry based on scientific research and accountability.

Elysium Health puts its products through a series of rigorous tests to ensure that they are evaluated and assessed thoroughly before they are made available on the market. The company incorporates pre-existing scientific research—as well as their own—into product development. Every product by Elysium Health, be it Basis—their sole product—or one of the products still in development, goes through a preclinical development stage, wherein the product is tested for safety and effectiveness.

About Basis

Basis is Elysium Health’s premier product. It is a daily supplement designed to support cellular health. Basis contains a precursor to a coenzyme that is needed in order for us to maintain healthy cells; as we age, the coenzyme that Basis helps our bodies create—known as NAD+—begin to decrease, thus affecting certain cellular processes. Basis was developed to help replenish the enzymes, subsequently promoting cellular health. The product was designed for long-term, daily use for adults only.

Basis has a few different options when it comes to purchasing the product. Each bottle is one month’s supply of the product. You can elect to start with an individual purchase of $60 per bottle. Since Basis is designed for long-term use, they have also developed a monthly delivery schedule. Whichever plan you choose to go with will determine the level of discount you receive.