Eric Lefkofsky Providing Tempus The Guidance It Needs To Grow

Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist based in the United States. In the past few years, Eric Lefkofsky has been diverting his focus to building and expanding clinical data aggregator firm named Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky doesn’t belong to the medical world and is a business graduate, but after he saw firsthand how the physicians struggle to provide effective treatment due to lack of data, he vowed to use the resources he has to start Tempus. It is a digital library and operating system that would make clinical as well as molecular data available to doctors.

Tempus recently launched a mobile app by the name Tempus Lab that can be easily downloaded from the Google Store and App Store on respective mobile platforms. The doctors can easily access the clinical data aggregated by Tempus through the phone itself through its mobile app. Most of the doctors said to the team at Tempus that their busy schedule doesn’t allow them to access the information made available by the company through PC on a regular basis. However, if the same information is available on mobile, the physicians can access as well as use it conveniently.

Tempus has been planning to expand its operations globally, and it recently gathered over a hundred million dollars in its series E funding. Apart from starting Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has launched many other companies succeed in the past, including Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank Solutions, Groupon Inc, and a few others. Eric Lefkofsky has started a charity foundation with his wife Liz Lefkofsky and supports many charities as well as causes that include humanitarian support, women empowerment, and supporting low-income communities.

In the next few years, Eric Lefkofsky is trying to take Tempus global to ensure that clinical data is easily available to doctors globally. The patients would be able to get better treatment with the help of clinical data that Tempus provides. Rest assured that with the help of Tempus, the doctors would be able to provide far more effective and accurate treatment. Eric Lefkofsky wants to make sure that Tempus continues to grow not only demographically but also regarding its data volume.

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You Won’t Believe How Waiakea Water Stands Alone From Other Bottled Waters!

There are numerous reasons why an increasingly large amount of consumers are turning to bottled water rather than tap water. Whether it’s due to quality, taste or accessibility, bottled water is a safe option to the water that comes out of your faucet.

On the surface layer, that does, of course, sound like a good deal. But there are particular notions that you will benefit from taking into account when you’re buying bottled water.

Contrary to what you might assume, not every kind of bottled water is produced in the same fashion. The water that’s in these products might not arrive from a source that you’ve heard of before.

Alkaline Water, for instance, can sometimes just be ordinary tap water that’s been through a couple of machines to provide its pH. Prior to picking your next bottled water brand, be sure that you’ve completed the proper research to confirm that the business’s water is actually arriving from the source it says.

If you’re paying top dollar for the brand’s water, then make sure you hold them liable. Waiakea Water supports its product strongly. Its bottled water is said to be the best of its kind.

While lots of brands exist for bottled water out there today, none can make the same claims as Waiakea for its quality. Choosing a company such as Waiakea provides you with the peace of mind that a lot of similar companies can’t promise.

Because after all, if you’re spending high prices on bottled water, you want to ensure that the water is originating from the best source.

One special aspect of Waiakea’s water is its alkalinity. We don’t usually consider the effects pH has on our bodies, but highly acidic drinks and foods can cause immense damage to our health if we’re not cautious.

Understanding the pH level of what we drink each day is crucial when it comes to sustaining proper tissue and cellular health.

The One Age-Reversal Company that Knows Its Business

There are many companies out there in the alternative health and wellness business that purport to understand exactly what it takes to keep your aging in check while turning back the dial on your years. The issue is that too many of these companies, while honest and authentic in their approach, don’t actually grasp that the human body is the only technology that we can rely on to effectively pull this off. All the pills, lasers and yoga in the world can only do so much.

Jeunesse Global shares an origin story of unique stature. The duo that founded it, Wendy and Randy, were still in retirement at the time that they agreed to see their shared vision through for the benefit of the world, and they launched back into the entrepreneurial fold with the Youth Enhancement System and cutting-edge research that would one day refine their products into a finely balanced regimen for people of all ages. Born on September 9, 2009 at none other than 9 o’clock, Jeunesse incorporates firm beliefs in the power of natural longevity straight into the core of the duo’s ethos and business ethic.

What They Offer

The Youth Enhancement System is made up of all-natural vitamins, minerals and general nutrients that are essential not only for the continued survival of your body but also the power to completely repair age-related damage and thrive in a world that’s bereft of such benefits. The overabundance of free radicals, toxic additives and electronics has lead to a great deal of harm that the nine-point system aims to reverse, and these benefits include the following

  • A three-step fitness mix that shreds fat to build muscle while keeping your appetite under control
  • Brain-sharpening protein supplements that keep you focused
  • Energy-boosting, mood-lifting mixes that assist in maximizing your functionality throughout the day
  • A sleep-inducing formula that ensures a deeper, longer-lasting and more restorative rest
  • A unique and proprietary blend that keeps your immune functions and cellular operations performing at their peak
  • Topical creams for the restoration of your skin’s unique glow and youthful smoothness

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