Bruno Fagali – Brazilian Advertising Law For Alcohol

Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian lawyer and author of the online Fagali Advocacy blog, thinks it is critical to bring the important issues of Brazil to a surface.

Strongly passionate about the law and the community, Bruno Fagali discuss previous and upcoming laws and how they affect the community. Bruno touches on issues like alcohol, advertising, nicotine, and business compliance just to name a few. One important issue that he discusses is the regulation of alcohol advertising and what it means to alcohol producers and distributors across the nation. With changes in laws, alcohol advertisers will need to be careful of their wording and imagery in all advertising, including television, radio, billboards or any other type of marketing.

Ran by the National Council for Self Regulatory Advertising a new law was passed to make alcohol look less appealing to consumers. It is required for all advertisers to show a warning statement on all of their advertisements. As with any new changes in law, Attorney Bruno Fagali highlights on how these laws need to be adhered to immediately or else disciplinary action can be taken including suspension of their rights to advertise on any mediums. Though it may seem like a new law that has come out of nowhere, there have been preliminary discussions on forcing advertisers to highlight the risk or threat of injury to the alcohol consumers that they are advertising to.


Considering that the industry is highly profitable based on the advertising of drinking as being a fun and luxurious activity, this can essentially hurt the market by decreasing sales according to While there are other ways to advertise alcohol, people already associate drinking with a fun upbeat, party type of vibe. It would not make any sense for alcohol distributors to make drinking look like a bad thing, but they could possibly get away with just stating the facts, though less alluring to potential buyers.

Since the law covers all alcohol, it includes beers, wines, ices, and all mixed drinks, so advertisers can’t try to get over on the drinks that are less harsh. With alcohol producers believing this is an infringement on their rights, there will be consistent pushback from those business people as they feel that their right to advertise freely should not create a forced discussion on any warnings other than simply stating to drink responsibly. Bruno Fagali as a legal advocate will keep everyone updated on the issues as the laws change over time.

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Eli Gershkovitch Continues to Expand Steamworks Breweries

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Canada. Sales of craft beers keep rising. The breweries producing beer in Canada are making traditional beer to unique blends. Niagara College now has a Brew Master Program to teach the fine art of brewing beer. There are many good craft brewers in Canada.


Each craft brewer produces different types of beer. This gives consumers a chance to try a variety of different craft beers. Imperial pale ales have a bitter taste and often add more hops when brewing. These beers often a have citrus fruit flavor. Traditional beers are made with barley and wheat and the gluten free selections with millet. These beers are often spicy with a hint of spices.


Wheat beer from Bavaria is another craft beer you will find in Canada. It is made from a special yeast. It is one of the top beers in Germany. Porter is a dark rich beer similar to stout but with a sweet flavor. This beer has a hint of spices. Some breweries use roasted barley that is unmalted to produce a beer with a coffee color and foam

Some craft breweries make traditional Belgium beer. It has many different flavors and styles. Scotch ale is made with malted barley that is dried over an open flame. Its color is dark almost black. Scotch ales are bitter and sweet and many use a blend of several malts. Rye beers are made with malt barley and rye. This beer is described as bittersweet.


Lagers are beers that are aged longer than most and one of the most popular in the world. There are many different types of craft beers brewed in Canada. Eli Gershkovitch, CEO of Steamworks Group of Companies believes you grow to meet the demand or the market shrinks to meet you. He admits everyone seems to be talking about craft beer.


He has been working with craft breweries for 21 years. Steamworks Brew Pub began in 1995. The size of this pub has grown from 185 to 754 with expansion (VancouverFoods). Eli Gershkovitch opened a full scale brewery in 2013. When his brewery began to work at full capacity it increased his sales volume by 50%.


Eli Gershkovitch desire to control his own life lead him to build his own brewing empire. He is a lawyer and pilot too. Steamworks sells beer in several Canadian provinces and 14 US states. They produce distinctive and unique ales for customers.


Philadelphia’s Law Man Karl Heideck

Well Fargo & Co., has come under allegations about redlining in Philadelphia. Redlining is when a bank refuses loans or only offers higher rates for people in one area and is a practice that started back in the 1930’s. Redlining is not illegal if done for reasons of a neighborhood not being up to current standards but is illegal if done due to racial makeup. The City of Philadelphia says that, Wells Fargo, has been giving ethnic residence higher rates of their mortgages and refusing to refinance them in the future between 2004 and 2014.

Philadelphia says that they studied Wells Fargo clients with credit score of 660 or higher and saw that African Americans were twice as likely to receive a higher interest rate than their white equals and Hispanics were 1.7 times likely to receive higher interest. Along with once they wanted to refinance they were typically denied which usually lead to foreclosures. The City of Philadelphia is upset about this because of the lack of equality in the United States fifth largest city with a 43% of them being African American and 12% being Hispanic. Also, they believe this practice is bring down the property values in the city due to all the foreclosures. But this is just one of the problems being faced by Wells Fargo, they are still fighting the scandal about the creation of fake customer accounts so they can meet their sales goals. Along with other lawsuits. Wells Fargo has denied that they have been redlining in Philadelphia.

Karl Heideck is an attorney practicing law in the Philadelphia area and focusses on civil litigation, compliance and risk management. He is currently working with the law firm of Grant & Eisenhower PA. Karl Heideck graduated from Temple University was a J.D in law and was on the Dean’s List. He received his Bachelors of Arts in English Language and Literature/Letters at Swarthmore College in 2003.

Karl Heideck has developed skills in legal writing, legal research and corporate law. Karl Heideck has worked with multiple companies like Conrad O’Brien and Pepper Hamilton before he ended in his current position. Karl Heideck has served in many positions throughout his career like Project Attorney and Contact Attorney. He has more than a decade in legal experience and has practiced in other states other than Philadelphia for insistence Delaware. Currently, Karl Heideck focusses on a wide range of things like compliance consulting, product liability, and tenacious representation.