How Freedom Checks From Matt Badiali Lead To Retirement

 Matt Badiali, a geological graduate from Penn state university. He was awarded a bachelors degree after pursuing earth sciences. He went to advance his education in Atlantic University, Florida where he pursued a masters in geology science. He was consulted in many countries where he worked in areas related to mining.

It was after that he continued with his academic career and joined North Carolina University where he worked for a Ph.D. and graduated in 2004, and in the university, he was introduced to finance world. It is through his potential that Matt Badiali saw that he could be a good adviser to average investors. It was after he was introduced to the world of finance by a friend. Matt Badiali had a good knowledge of geological science.

After Matt Badiali was introduced to finance world, those people who decided to follow him were able to generate regular returns which resulted in either double or even triple digits. It was after he launched a newsletter with a publishing organization called Banyan Hills company and he talked about Real Wealth Strategists. Read more at to know more.

It is after he had recognized that he was suited by experience and education he had in natural resources. It is something cyclical with a high degree in speculation. So that you can be able to invest wisely in the market and become successful one has to understand the finance related to market together with science that is behind these resources.

Most of the people living in the United States start to save their retirement by setting some portion of their paycheck that they earn. This is after saving it in 401(k) account. Most of them are able to accumulate much money that is enough to survive during their retirement period. In most of the cases with some people, the account is not enough that it can ensure prosperity. So that one can get an extra capital for his retirement, most of them assume that the social security benefits can bring a difference.

So that one can retire without having to sacrifice their lifestyle, they will require to invest in an n average rate that will return so that they can supplement what they earn. Freedom checks are the next big thing to invest in. Learn more:

Explore Matt Badiali’s Expertise in Investment Prospects

Matt Bidiali gives us some insight into the potential of investing in natural gas for electrical power.

Natural gas is an alternative for generating power. This development has a potential to raise natural gas prices in 2018. Natural gas has been a distant second to coal as a means to generate electricity despite being an excellent source of fuel. Its natural properties enable it to release only two molecules during combustion: one of water and the other of carbon dioxide. The two factors that expanded coal’s widespread dominance over natural gas was portability and inexpensiveness. Whereas, processing natural gas’s movement without pipelines was tough and expensive.

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In the 1990s, the shale revolution resulted in plunging the price of gas. Pipelines were put in all over the place, and the natural gas subsequently displaced coal. Using natural gas to generate power was relatively an easy process as it was easier to supply gas than truck in coal fuel continuously.

The quick generation of electricity has made natural gas an in-demand fuel. You can power up a gas turbine to produce electricity right away. It can also supplement alternative power sources such as wind and solar, at times when there isn’t enough or any wind or sunlight.

However, when the demand for natural gas rose significantly, so did supply. This resulted in a price collapse from $14 per thousand MCF in 2008 to $1.65 in March 2016. The drastic drop in price occurred over just a period of 8 years.

The chart used by Matt Bidiali demonstrates that in 2014, the amount of stored gas was the second-lowest over the years. It’s first lowest was in 2010, ever since the Energy Information Administration started monitoring this data.

Every year the natural gas production is placed in storage all summer, so that the supply is utilized to generate electricity the following winter. But when the gas storage in 2014 featured as a notable low, the prices soured as more and more people were reliant on it. It is likely that we witness this trend again in 2018; hence, we can secure a good investment.

Matt Badiali is an experienced geologist and an investor who maintains a foreseeable approach to understanding the prospects of investments. His research has enabled him to visit a number of countries ranging from Switzerland to Iraq to Hong Kong to Singapore and to many other countries. He’s explored a number of mines and oil wells throughout the world and interacted with CEOs inquiring about their resource prospects. He’s our go to guide to learn the intricacies of a successful investment by making astute deductions.


Rebranded Obsidian Energy Company

Penn West Petroleum Company Limited has been rebranded into the more robust and rejuvenated Obsidian Energy Company that is situated on the West Coast of Canada. Obsidian Energy is found in a rich oil belt that has adequate and ubiquitous oil and gas reserves. Obsidian Energy Company has an intermediate size in terms of coverage and it has been well-equipped to offer efficient and sufficient services to the customers at home and abroad. Obsidian Energy is headed by the able stewardship of Dr. French. A great overhaul in the management has been embraced with a view to catapult the command the company.


Obsidian Company has a highly balanced portfolio that has the capacity to amass about thirty thousand barrels per day. Obsidian Company handles both gas and oil in her transactions. Obsidian Energy Company has oil fields located in Alberta which is along the sedimentary basin in the west of Canada. Alberta is the region endowed with the most dominant and rich reserves of oil and gas that is crucial and essential to the oil industry. See More Info Here.


The oil exploitation is undertaken in the Pembina Cardium, Alberta Viking and the Peace River Oil. The highest percentage of the energy produced is tapped from the area and the majority of the companies are striving to get access and opportunity to have their premises in the belt. Obsidian Energy Company was one of the luckiest to enjoy the pride of place of having the ability to run her transactions from the locality.


Obsidian has amassed monumental acclamation from the services she has offered to various stakeholders in the form of Corporate Social responsibility and the commodities that the company presents to the public for consumption. Obsidian Energy Company has a projected income from the sales of the oils and gas products up to a tune of about eighty million Canadian Dollars. Obsidian Energy Company is expected to produce approximately thirty thousand barrels of energy in every day. The proceeds from the transaction will be employed in securing more workers.


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Obsidian Energy Ltd- Using Strategic Developments To Gain Its Market Position

Obsidian Energy Ltd is midsized Canadian company that deals with oil and natural gas and located in Calgary, Alberta. The group once held a position among the sixty biggest companies on the S&P/TSX 60 on the Toronto stock exchange. The company reached its peak market capitalization of $9.5 Billion in January 2008, and from 2005-2011 it was the Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY). The company has a well-balanced portfolio of various high-quality assets that produces approximately 30,000 barrels on a daily basis.


The company was previously known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd where it changes its names to Obsidian Energy Ltd after restructuring on 26th June 2017. The company underwent numerous accounting scandals, commodity price crash and debt crisis that forced the company to restate its three-year financial report from 2012 to 2014. During the hardship years obsidian managed to reduce its net balance through various sales of its assets, and it’s now a much stronger and smaller oil company. According to the chief executive officer, David French the change of name signified a new beginning that comes with relentless passion, discipline, and accountability to the community, partners, and shareholders. David L. French oversees the management team of Obsidian Energy is who once served as the overall boss of Bankers Petroleum Ltd, and he is known to lead various companies to operational and commercial growth successfully.


Obsidian Energy has 407 employees, and it has critical development assets that are strategically positioned to offer the right platform for growth and deliver the results acceptable for the shareholders, clients, and community. And in the process, allow the company to succeed in the ever-evolving petroleum and gas industry. Read More On This Page.


Obsidian Energy commits to making a positive impact on the environment and community around the area the Calgary Alberta area. They have a community matter program that mains agenda is to conduct numerous and peaceful operations that enables the employees and contractors to have an open communication method with the residents. It helps to address concerns associated with the company gas and oil operations in mitigate and proactively manner.