Chainsmokers Poised To Overtake The Gorillaz

The Chainsmokers have had a meteoric rise. The DJ duo hit the scene with an incredibly hot single entitled “#Selfie” back in 2015. The dance hit was such a worldwide smash that T-shirts brandishing the title of the track could be seen at music festivals all over the globe.

The single was a part of their debut EP entitled “Bouquet.” It contained a single named “Roses” which would serve as the bands first top 10 hit according to Billboard Hot 100. It was quickly followed up by “Don’t Let Me Down” which would become the band’s first top five single. It also won them a Grammy for Best Dance Recording at the show’s 59th awards ceremony.

This was followed up quickly by another EP entitled “Collage.” Then they hit the world with their first full-length album in April, 2017. The album, entitled “Memories… Do Not Open,” has just smashed a new Billboard record.

The full-length album just tied the Gorillaz for most consecutive weeks at number one on Billboard’s Top Dance Electronic Albums chart. It’s a pretty impressive feat seeing as at the album only dropped a year ago. Staying at number one wasn’t easy. In fact, it didn’t always stay at number one consecutively. Sometimes it would fall back just a bit before it came surging up to the top yet again.

But it looks like the Chainsmokers will surpass the Gorillaz. The Gorillaz album in question is entitled “Demon Days.” This dance album came out nearly 13 years ago and is still flirting around the top of the Billboard’s Top Dance Electronic Albums chart. The album has spent 34 weeks of the top but it is unlikely to see the top ever again. That’s why I am optimistic that the Chainsmokers will overtake the legendary dance group.

I am pretty excited about the prospect because the Chainsmokers are one of my favorite bands ever. You can’t help but be captivated by their live performances which fuse DJ turntables with live vocals and instruments. It’s the perfect mixture of old and new. It sounds amazing and they really bring the excitement.

The Chainsmokers Move From New York DJ’s To Global Stars

The Chainsmokers are DJs Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart who have gone from performing across New York to becoming two of the most sought-after musical collaborators in the world. Alex Pall is the creative partner with the most experience in the music industry after starting his career as The Chainsmokers with another DJ and finding success across New York. In 2012, Pall found his work as a DJ was taking up more of his time than his day job and was looking to make the move into music full-time when his initial collaborator decided against continuing their partnership.

As Alex Pall was searching for another creative partner, Andrew Taggart was making his way to New York from college in Maine where he had become well-known for his individual style and love of electronic dance music. Taggart had enjoyed such an impressive rise to success that he was already talking to the management team who worked alongside Alex Pall before leaving college and heading to New York to meet his future collaborator with The Chainsmokers.

Alex Pall is quick to explain the shared love of electronic dance music has been the most reason for the strength of collaboration between himself and Andrew Taggart. Almost immediately, Pall quit his day job as Taggart moved to New York and began taking advantage of each day by working on their music and a plan to build The Chainsmokers brand. Over the course of just a few years, The Chainsmokers have moved from DJs in New York to a band many of the world’s leading performers and writers are looking to work with.

Through his work keeping The Chainsmokers brand in the public eye on social media, Alex Pall believes he and Taggart have created a new path for DJs to tread which allows them to enter the writer’s room and create music they can feel proud of. By stepping out of the DJ booth, Pall and Taggart are both making a mark on the music business in a positive way for the future.