How Betsy DeVos Is Becoming The Bulldog Of Education Reform

The 2016 Presidential Election served as a litmus test on the average American voter. Did the average voter want more of the same or was real change in order? The votes were overwhelming and the results of the election were clear, Donald Trump was brought into the White House in order to do something different. However, it isn’t President Trump that has our attention at all. Instead, we are focused on his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos was a prominent supporter of the Michigan Republican Party for over 30 years and now she is being given free reign to pursue education reform in an increasingly divisive environment. Let’s take a close look at how Betsy DeVos might be the bulldog that conservatives need to rally around.


The first thing that you should know about Betsy DeVos is that she fully believes in what she is doing. As admitted by political allies and opponents, Betsy DeVos is not the kind of person to play politics and offer lip service for a policy or idea. Instead, Betsy DeVos truly believes that she is a reformer and that she was brought into Washington D.C. by President Trump in order to fix what was broken and bring aid to those that are in need. Her focus is specifically on education reform and she is basing her work around the 50-year-old writings of Milton Friedman. Specifically, DeVos is taking inspiration from Friedman’s treatise titled, ‘The Role Of Government in Education’.


If you are from Michigan then the odds are good that you are at least somewhat familiar with Betsy DeVos. DeVos and her husband, Dick, have been two of the most high-profile Republican donors and supporters in the state over the past 30 or 40 years. Betsy DeVos herself has served as chairman on six different committees while also operating several of her own non-profit foundations in order to push for education reform. The simple fact is that Betsy DeVos has spent her entire life working toward education reform and she isn’t about to back down with the chance of a lifetime on her side.


In Washington D.C., we’ve seen that newcomers to the political scene can become vulnerable to older members of the establishment. With that being said, Betsy DeVos doesn’t give an inch. In fact, DeVos gives back several times over whatever is directed at her. As the leader of the Department of Education, DeVos has worked hard to reach both side of the aisle on the concept of education reform. With that being said, she is not going to act like she has time for obstructionists. Betsy DeVos is here to reform public education for the better and obstacles will be overcome. She’s the bulldog that conservatives need prowling the halls of the Department of Education.


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Concern from Jason Hope over the Rise of Exploitation in IoT Vulnerabilities by Hackers

Everyone today knows how important and difficult it is to protect your personal data, credit cards, Social Security Number, your current location, etc. However, with the proliferation of IoT-enabled devices, many of which are small and low-powered, hackers are increasingly finding new places to sneak inside.

The prime concern of Jason Hope, a member of the IoT Council, is that unless your device, be it a pacemaker, your new fridge, or even the coffee maker at the local Starbucks, has the encrypting power of a current Android or iPhone, a basic login password will simply not be enough to protect it anymore, and e-commerce is making this all too real. The aforementioned coffee maker could be connecting your latte to your bank account, and in doing so, leaking said data to the guy hidden in the corner on his iPad, presumably surfing the web. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Also, there is the rapidly increasing market for smart-home devices, most of which are connected over IoT, and, as Jason Hope is quick to point out, with “their remote management software, IoT devices are often seen as wide open for remote exploitation.” 1 Basically, with a knockoff IoT door lock, well, you might as well leave the front door wide open for hackers to stroll through.

What I am saying is, or rather, Jason Hope is meaning, is with the “recent rise in IoT device attacks and the attractiveness to hackers of sensitive data-laden interfaces,” 1 the current protection protocols are simply not enough anymore in today’s digital age, while an IoT lock may not have any sensitive data on it, the interior of your house will. While the odds of someone maliciously taking over a pacemaker or a Goggle Chrome car may seem low (and they are), such acts are not outside the realm of possibility. Simply put, if it connects, it will be connected, one way or another.

Jason Hope is actively urging manufacturers of IoT devices to employ digitally signed and encrypted firmware within said devices, as a baseline expectation at the very least. Such improvements should stop casual attacks from even knocking on the metaphorical door. Also, on a website both named and run Jason Hope himself, he stresses how vitally important it is to still maintain a strong password, and to change it frequently, especially if you have an IoT-enabled vehicle. A password might not always stop a hacker, but a strong one may just prevent one from walking right through the front door. Literally.

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Betsy Devos: A Polite Politician and Dedicated Fighter

Betsy DeVos is well known for her philanthropic endeavors. In fact, much of the charity work that she has done is extremely palpable in her home state of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was there that she discovered her love of education and her desire to reach out into the community. She started to push for educational goals after seeing how much local parents are struggling with the current school system. It inspired her to become more active and eventually get elected to Michigan’s Board of Education. This time gave her the insight she needed to make good choices about education and she uses it as a sounding board for her current role as the Secretary of Education.


While Betsy DeVos is a relatively quiet Secretary of Education, she is anything but a pushover. She has made it clear for years that she will not budge on issues that matter to her. Recently she was given the chance to prove herself and there is an article on the New York Times that discusses how she handled it. The article can be viewed under the headline “Betsy DeVos is Publicly Polite, but a Political Fighter” and it gives a pretty good idea of how tenacious Betsy DeVos became when defending her stance in this situation.


When Betsy DeVos took this job, she made it very clear that she was in it for the children that would be affected by her policy. This means that she feels responsible for all of the children that fall underneath her umbrella of responsibility. So, when there was a policy that was going to be rescinded she jumped right into the action. The policy in question was the one mandating bathroom usage for transgender students. This policy allowed the students to use bathrooms according to their personal identity, instead of their physical sex traits. Regardless of how the policy was perceived by the public, Betsy DeVos was not prepared to allow the policy to go away without a fight. She publicly voiced on many occasions that she did not appreciate having this policy rescinded. She made it known that while she remained part of the political team, she was disappointed that this policy would not stand.


Her resistance to this move will let people know that even though she is a dedicated member of this staff of the president, she also has a mind of her own when it comes to politics. She understands that things do not get done simply because you want them to get done, she knows that sometimes you have to fight for the things that matter the most. Even though she gave no public sign that she felt so strongly about this policy, she still works in the background to be sure that people got the voices that they needed. It is good to see a politician that is willing to fight for the things they believe in, but also pull it in and rally to be part of a team when things do not go exactly as planned.


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