Securus Technologies Takes on the Drone Threats with Digital Solutions

Securus is the company charged with providing digital security to most of America’s agencies. It is said to be handling over 3500 agencies. The firm is also the one charged with preventing of illegal contraband from America’s correctional facilities. The company has been ahead of the pack in proactive prevention of security breaches. Following studies that demonstrated that drones are increasingly being used for illegal activities including smuggling banned items into prisons, Securus engaged its technology research wing to develop mechanisms to prevent the use of drones for such purposes.


The Cutting Edge Drone Detection Technology

Securus invested in researching ways of detecting drones. They have conducted several tests that have so far proved successful. According to the news on various media channels, Securus Technologies just completed the testing of their drone detection technology program for providing security to correctional institutions. Securus is one of the best technology-based companies that offer safety and security solutions to the market. As alluded to earlier, Securus Technologies is also involved in extending security services for other government agencies including payment service setups.


The Drone Detection Program works

Securus management has confirmed that they have conducted tests on their drone detection program. They note that it is not a perfect solution as yet but are quick to also observe that even the hardest tasks are solved by starting somewhere. The spokesman of the company says that Securus continues to conduct research regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the drone detection tools. The beauty of the drone detection technology that is about to be launched by Securus is that it is a product of many brains working together to overcome the social security issues. Securus says, that even with the new program, a cooperation of the ultimate form is required between them and the correctional officers. Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Carrollton Texas. It is said to be at the service of over 1, 200 000 prison inmates in North America.


How Officers Use Securus Technologies to Maintain Order in Jail

In order to keep the peace inside prison today, it requires new technology that has the ability to do the work of an entire police force. Over the years, it has been new impossible with our limited police force to be in the yard, the mess hall, and listen to the inmate calls. Being stretched that thin gives the inmates an advantage, and when that happens, every person inside the jail is in immediate danger.


To combat the flow of drugs and other contraband in our visitor center, my team of corrections officers makes us of a high-tech scanner. We use this device to make sure no visitors are bringing anything into our jail that can be used by inmates to cause bodily harm. Even before we allow the inmates back to their cells, they have to walk through the scanner again so nothing gets back to the cells.


When our facility discovered that Securus Technologies developed a new telephone monitoring system that was being used in jails across the country, we needed to investigate further. The company is based in Texas, where one thousand of the most dedicated employees are working with CEO Rick Smith to make a positive difference on the planet.


We ditched the old phone monitoring system in our jail and were taught how the LBS software works with this new system. The amazing thing about the monitoring system is we saw results during the first hour it was in use at our facility.


An inmate was on the jail phone with his elderly mother, begging her to bring him her medication because he would be able to sell it to other inmates and use the money to pay for protection in the jail. That meeting was intercepted, and the medication never got into the jail as intended.


Securus Technologies – Ensuring Inmates Have Latest Communication Technology Available at Low Cost

There are many companies out there that are trying to grab the biggest market share of the growing correctional industry. However, one of the companies that have been dominating this sector for many years is Securus Technologies. It is offering a broad range of products to the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers. The company primarily operates in North America, and also provides its services to correctional agencies in District of Columbia and Canada. The CEO of Securus Technologies is planning rapid expansion shortly to the rest of the United States as well. As of now only 2,400 correctional agencies uses its services, but that is expected to grow massively in the time to come.



One of the factors that have contributed to the growth of Securus Technologies in recent years is its focus on research and development as well as its attentive customer service. While many other companies in the industry are flooded with bad reviews on their customer service, Securus Technologies recently won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service. Securus Technologies understands the problems that the correctional industry is going through and believes that technology can help in bridging the problems the sector is going through.



It is for this reason; Securus Technologies recently introduced the video visitation service that allows the inmates and their family members to communicate through video chat. It is a very helpful as well as economical service that doesn’t only allow the prisoners to talk, but also see their loved ones. Securus Technologies also provides highly advanced investigative technology and services. It helps the law enforcement agencies to perform well while safeguarding themselves and their interests. It gives the law enforcement officers an edge over the criminals, which is essential these days. The investigative services of Securus Technologies are highly applauded in the industry.



Collecting Criminal Evidence Using Securus Technologies

One of the duties of being a fugitive hunter is making sure to close the case as quickly as possible so that less innocent people are impacted by the actions of this suspect. The case we were working on this month was especially troubling because soon after he escaped from prison, he held a convenience store clerk up at gunpoint, he carjacked a vehicle at gunpoint, and he shot at authorities who had him surrounded in a park.


Our suspect had no family or friends in this region who could help us tighten the noose, so I returned to the jail he escaped from in the hopes of getting information from inmates who may have heard something. This was a very challenging situation because inmates don’t talk to the police openly for fear of being labeled a snitch.


During my time inside the prison, I discovered that they had recently signed up with Securus Technologies and were utilizing an inmate call monitoring system to keep close tabs on inmates. This company has 1,000 employees who are working towards the objective of making our world just that much safer for us all. Once I discovered how the LBS software worked, I couldn’t wait to see if we could identify chatter with the inmates concerning the fugitive that we were hunting.


It didn’t take very long before we discovered conversations between inmates and family talking about the recent escape. One inmate in particular was very clever in how he kept asking his family how their new guest was doing. Had it not been for the fact we identified this inmate as a distant relative of the suspect, we would have never connected the dots.


Our team swarmed that location and busted in at the crack of dawn while all occupants, including our suspect, was sound asleep. He was back in jail before he could hurt anyone else.


Talk Fusion is Changing Business and Marketing with Their Products

Talk Fusion is a software development company that employs a multilevel marketing business model for their sales. They’ve become a leading company in video marketing solutions including video email platforms and newsletters, and to make things easier for users they developed a webRTC recorder product. This product just won a Product of the Year award from the Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016, and CEO Bob Reina is proud of the accomplishment. Talk Fusion has built quite a reputation for how their products reach new customers and help generate more sales leads.

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina back in 2007. Reina was a former police officer who wanted to change careers so that he could have more time to spend with family and become engaged in local philanthropy. He had experimented with several multilevel marketing sales ideas until one day while on vacation he came up with the idea to create a video email system. This program took some time to develop, but Reina ran with it as a business idea, and soon he had established Talk Fusion in the aftermath of that idea. Talk Fusion has developed many products from video newsletters to video chat and conferencing software that requires no software installation.

Talk Fusion has an associates program for those who want to make commission reselling Talk Fusion products, and signing customers up for free trials. Reina decided it was important to have trials to see if customers were pleased with the products, so he started 30-day free trials that require no credit card to use. Talk Fusion associates have a lot of incentives to meet monthly and weekly sales quotas such as winning bonus cash, high prized jewelry and rolex watches, vacations to exotic destinations like Hawaii and now Milan, and even a chance to win a brand new sports car.