Securus Technologies Takes on the Drone Threats with Digital Solutions

Securus is the company charged with providing digital security to most of America’s agencies. It is said to be handling over 3500 agencies. The firm is also the one charged with preventing of illegal contraband from America’s correctional facilities. The company has been ahead of the pack in proactive prevention of security breaches. Following studies that demonstrated that drones are increasingly being used for illegal activities including smuggling banned items into prisons, Securus engaged its technology research wing to develop mechanisms to prevent the use of drones for such purposes.


The Cutting Edge Drone Detection Technology

Securus invested in researching ways of detecting drones. They have conducted several tests that have so far proved successful. According to the news on various media channels, Securus Technologies just completed the testing of their drone detection technology program for providing security to correctional institutions. Securus is one of the best technology-based companies that offer safety and security solutions to the market. As alluded to earlier, Securus Technologies is also involved in extending security services for other government agencies including payment service setups.


The Drone Detection Program works

Securus management has confirmed that they have conducted tests on their drone detection program. They note that it is not a perfect solution as yet but are quick to also observe that even the hardest tasks are solved by starting somewhere. The spokesman of the company says that Securus continues to conduct research regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the drone detection tools. The beauty of the drone detection technology that is about to be launched by Securus is that it is a product of many brains working together to overcome the social security issues. Securus says, that even with the new program, a cooperation of the ultimate form is required between them and the correctional officers. Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Carrollton Texas. It is said to be at the service of over 1, 200 000 prison inmates in North America.


A Brief Biography of Businessman Jacob Gottlieb

This will give information about a businessman named Jacob Gottlieb. Gottlieb previously worked at a company called Visium Asset Management located in New York. Gottlieb for his college years went to Brown University with a BA in Economics. He also attended the New York University Medical School and got a M.D. In work life, he was the chief investment officer as well as managing partner there. He showed a dedication for spawning non-correlated returns in a collection of market environments.


Four years before Gottlieb worked at Visium he took a job at “Merlin”. This is where he took the role of a portfolio manager. Also, even before he took that job he worked at Sanford C. Bernstein and served as a buy-side analyst for a total of two years from 1998-2000. Visium was established by Gottlieb almost thirteen years ago in November 2005. However, he was not alone in the process. He was joined with his team of twenty professionals in the field of investment from a place called Balyasny Asset Management. That organization would eventually become Visium Asset Management.


Gottlieb has also served at different charities. One in particular is called mathforamerica that was established in 2004. It was originally based as an organization that shows commitment to teachers. It is also important to note that this program is a type of four-year fellowship.

A task of this organization is to enhance retention of teachers around the nation. This is done by assisting and creating communities of STEM teachers that stand out. They also have a simple type of vision. They see an America which respects, values, and trusts teachers who teach the subjects of science and mathematics.


MfA was established by Jim Simons from Renaissance Technologies. There he served as the Chairman and Founder. He’s also known for establishing the Simons’ Foundation with his wife Marilyn Simons. In this fellowship of MfA there are teachers amounting to 1,000. Also in the previous five years MfA has invested in about $110 million. This money is used to support for related programs over the country and its fellowship in NYC.


Lacey and Larkin

Sheriff Joe Arpaio had plenty of history with the New Times’ publication. Over the years he had banned its reporters from press conferences and even threatened to have them arrested. However, the run in that he would have with the publication in October of 2007 would not only rock the County of Maricopa but the entire nation.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had gotten their start working on a University of Arizona campus paper. At the time, they were intent on airing their frustrations about the 1970 Kent State Killings. Though they would eventually drop out of the university, they would continue to work on the paper and it would grow by leaps and bounds–eventually becoming Village Voice Media which was comprised of 17 publications.

One of these publications was the Pheonix New Times. And they spent a lot of time covering the corruption of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He had earned the title of the toughest Sheriff in America. However, according to the New Times, he was more than just tough–he was sadistic.

He denied prisoners their medication and in at least one case, a diabetic woman died. He savagely beat prisoners who didn’t comply with his orders.

He created what he referred to as “Tent City,” a makeshift tent that was to house prisoners outside in 135-degree heat–the Sheriff’s answer to prison overcrowding. He forced inmates to wear pink underwear and eat molded balogna. Conditions had become so dire that inmates were committing suicide at alarming rates.

But perhaps what made things come to a boil was the Melendres v. Arpaio class action lawsuit. Citizens of Maricopa County claimed that the Sheriff was racially profiling Latino individuals–having them round up by his deputized citizens.

The case resulted in a $70 million dollar settlement. And though Arpaio was never charged for what the U.S. district judge called, “racial profiling on a massive scale,” he was charged with being in contempt of court after not following the judge’s orders.

Arpaio would have served time, but he was pardoned by Donald Trump. While many people may see this as a gracious act by Trump, Lacey and Larkin call it a move that benefited both parties.

They feel that Trump wanted to appeal to the types of voters who would support someone like Arpaio–namely nationalists. The CEO and executive editor also feel that Arpaio supported Trump’s nomination because he wanted to be pardoned by him. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

It was this very same cunning that would cause an explosive run-in between the Sheriff and the New Times in October of 2007. John Dougherty, New Times’ investigative reporter had released an article that exposed Arpaio for the misappropriation of jail funds which included the Sheriff’s name and home address.

The Sheriff found the publishing of his personal information to be a felony and eventually worked to prosecute the reporter. When their day in court came, Lacey and Larkin released an article which admonished the Sheriff and discussed the details of the subpoena.

The Sheriff had the two arrested for revealing this information. However, their arrests became national news. There was an outcry from the public and they were freed and given a multi-million dollar settlement.

Larkin and Lacey sold Village Voice Media. However, they used their settlement to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which offers grants to organizations who support migrant-rights. They also started a website, Front Page Confidential, which discusses free speech

Bruno Fagali – Brazilian Advertising Law For Alcohol

Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian lawyer and author of the online Fagali Advocacy blog, thinks it is critical to bring the important issues of Brazil to a surface.

Strongly passionate about the law and the community, Bruno Fagali discuss previous and upcoming laws and how they affect the community. Bruno touches on issues like alcohol, advertising, nicotine, and business compliance just to name a few. One important issue that he discusses is the regulation of alcohol advertising and what it means to alcohol producers and distributors across the nation. With changes in laws, alcohol advertisers will need to be careful of their wording and imagery in all advertising, including television, radio, billboards or any other type of marketing.

Ran by the National Council for Self Regulatory Advertising a new law was passed to make alcohol look less appealing to consumers. It is required for all advertisers to show a warning statement on all of their advertisements. As with any new changes in law, Attorney Bruno Fagali highlights on how these laws need to be adhered to immediately or else disciplinary action can be taken including suspension of their rights to advertise on any mediums. Though it may seem like a new law that has come out of nowhere, there have been preliminary discussions on forcing advertisers to highlight the risk or threat of injury to the alcohol consumers that they are advertising to.


Considering that the industry is highly profitable based on the advertising of drinking as being a fun and luxurious activity, this can essentially hurt the market by decreasing sales according to While there are other ways to advertise alcohol, people already associate drinking with a fun upbeat, party type of vibe. It would not make any sense for alcohol distributors to make drinking look like a bad thing, but they could possibly get away with just stating the facts, though less alluring to potential buyers.

Since the law covers all alcohol, it includes beers, wines, ices, and all mixed drinks, so advertisers can’t try to get over on the drinks that are less harsh. With alcohol producers believing this is an infringement on their rights, there will be consistent pushback from those business people as they feel that their right to advertise freely should not create a forced discussion on any warnings other than simply stating to drink responsibly. Bruno Fagali as a legal advocate will keep everyone updated on the issues as the laws change over time.

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The Dedication of Jeremy Goldstein in Pushing for EPS Program in Various Organizations

Jeremy Goldstein through his dedication in the law industry has emerged to be one of the lawyers that have created huge transformation regarding the solution to many organizations in the world. He has erected an association by the name Jeremy Goldstein and Associates Company with the aim of giving the directions to the managers and the presidents of various organizations. Most of the efforts that have been put by the management of the Jeremy Goldstein and Associates Company marks the move of creating a solution to various challenges faced by different companies. Jeremy Goldstein and his team impart the advice to the CEO of the organization on the steps to take depending on the challenges they are facing in the circle of their leadership in the organizations. The commitment that has been demonstrated by Goldstein has led many companies attained their objectives and flowed along the line of expectation. The shareholders of the companies have found it easier for them to approach the lasting solution to issues that are crucial to the organizations.


Jeremy Goldstein through his wits in the field of law has made the measures that have set the Employee per Share to effectively work as per the dictates of the statement of the organization. The efforts and time that he has invested in the scene have gained a lot of support from various managements of different companies across the globe. The idea of the Goldstein in the implementation of the EPS has marked a new turn on matters regarding the exploitation of the employees in the organization. Most of the companies have benefited a lot from the concept and the procedures that Jeremy has laid down regarding the EPS programs. The focus of his efforts intent to create a permanent solution through the employees on the negligence taken by the different organizations on the matters regarding the EPS.


The pushed of the EPS in the various organization has led to the cohesion and made the employees become the beneficiaries of the incentives through encouragement that shareholders and directors are getting. There are several benefits that are associated with the adoption of the EPS measures by the organization. Most of the companies that have set their objectives as part of the EPS programs have attained much in different sectors. On the other side, there are a few issues that are associated with the EPS implementation in the organization such as favoritism.


Jeremy Goldstein has created a perfect platform that has made organizations address the different challenges. The forefront measure that he put forward is holding accountable the leaders of the organizations in charge of implementing the matter. He further advices the managements of the organization of the best directions to take to foster the process of accountability in the organization. As per the statement of the Jeremy, all the CEOs should explain the cause of the failure of the EPS programs in their organizations. Learn more:


The Charitable Work Of Tony Petrello

Houston oil executive Tony Petrello, who is the CEO of Nabors Industries, is a man of many interests. He is also a man who is deeply engaged with a range of charities, and he has long been committed to changing lives through his charitable interests.

Tony and his wife Cynthia recently opened up their home to host a special event that honors teachers who teach the arts in Houston area schools.

The event, which was highlighted by an appearance by legendary Broadway star Tommy Tune, was a cocktail party that included 50 guests as well as the advisory board of the Miller Outdoor Theater. Tony-award-winning Tommy Tune, who went to school in the Houston area and who studied dance with Houston dance instructor Patsy Swayze, was headlining at the Miller Outdoor Theater in his autobiographical show, “Tommy Tune Tonight.” The show was a major hit that brought 5,000 theater goers to the outdoor arena stage.


A Commitment to Philanthropy

There’s no question that Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia have a huge commitment to helping others through charitable acts. Along with their commitment to helping support the performing arts, the Petrellos have also shown a strong commitment to helping people through support for scientific research. One event that has driven this commitment is their daughter Carena’s experience with cerebral palsy. Carena was born prematurely, and this left her with periventricular leukomalacia, a neurological disorder. Seeing their daughter struggle with this condition caused the Petrellos to commit more deeply to supporting the scientific community, in hopes of helping find a cure for this difficult condition. Tony Petrello has given $5 million to scientific research into helping those with cerebral palsy, and hopes to give and additional $2 million over time. The hope is that these funds can also help parents who are struggling to deal with the difficulties that come with learning one’s own child is coping with a neurological disorder, and to find ways to cope in a positive way.

In 2001 the Petrellos founded The Petrello Family Foundation. This foundation gives funds to groups in the Houston area that support the arts, education and medical research. This foundation is one more way that this dynamic couple gives back to their community, and to all of those who helped to support them through the many challenges they have faced along the way.

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U.S. Money Reserve’s Customers Steer Their Portfolios Through Today’s Uncertain Economy

A simple excursion to the grocery store provides a basic lesson on inflation to the average American consumer, “What happened to the price of orange juice?” While weather fluctuations and agricultural conditions affect the price, the cost of that half gallon represents a small variable in the larger equation that measures inflation. The terminology can be daunting: target inflation rate, core rate, federal funds rate, personal consumption expenditure.

Notwithstanding, there is an inflation measure, publicized on the evening news, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which, when rising, indicates increases in the cost of everyday goods and services. With the current inflation rate in the U.S. at 2.1%, there is a degree of nervousness among market analysts about future upsurges.

With most incomes fixed until the annual pay review, monthly price rises are worrisome. Consequently, outlay increases for the same purchase, or purchases are postponed, in effect lowering the standard of living. The most dramatic examples are big-ticket items, evidenced by the cost of a new car, or building a house. Nonetheless, for the retired or those planning for retirement, the effects are acute. Inflation has the result of a pay cut, eroding the value of a retirement plan, directly impacting the retiree’s standard of living.

Closely following higher inflation are higher interest rates for mortgages, credit cards, and auto loans, nevertheless, savings account rates and money market rates lag, leading consumers to explore other options for protecting their funds. Accordingly, individuals might invest in artwork, commodities, or other tangible assets that increase in value with inflation. Ordinarily, a portfolio that includes gold is not subject to the vagaries of commodity bubbles. U.S. Money Reserve, founded in 2002, encourages consumers to include gold in their portfolio to both preserve capital and enhance capital growth. Philip N. Diehl, current president of U.S. Money Reserve, and a former director of the U.S. Mint noted, “Gold often rises when other assets are crashing.” Gold values consistently rise faster than inflation, accelerating whenever inflation exceeds 3%.

An established company with a customer focus, U.S. Money Reserve offers consumer education and information on precious metals from gold and silver bullion and bars to certified gold and silver coins authenticated by PCGS, the Professional Coin Grading Service. Staffed with a team of numismatic and precious metal experts, U.S. Money Reserve customers receive superior service, “… with the goal of establishing a long-term relationship.”

“Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping: the Most Fun Mall in the World!”

Roberto Santiago is one of Brazil’s most successful capital venturists with a host of accomplishments behind him! He has been active in many different and abounding occupations throughout his long career. He has penned novels, written and directed famous movies, performed in the entertainment industries and constructed one of the most renown shopping hubs in the world. The Manaira Mall is known the world over for providing so many wonderful things to see and do that people from all over the world visit Joao Pessoa, Brazil each year to experience it. Santiago went to great lengths when designing and building the mall that a person never has to leave it to find literally anything they are looking for. There’s something for all tastes and is so vast that one can even play in a park in it. Roberto is highly regarded for his business acumen and aptitude for being able to spot profitable potential in many different industries.


From the beginning of the mall’s establishment 29 years ago, it has had four additional developments. As far as entertainment goes, the huge mall has bowling centers, several kinds of theatres, amusement parks, video game hubs and even lush gardens. Visitors can even run errands as there are financial institutions, work out centers, a never-ending selection of eateries and even a college and police station. For special venues such as weddings there’s a gorgeous ballroom area on the very top of the building. This room has the capacity to house approximately 8,000 people all by itself. If you are there for shopping, to name just a few of the department stores that Manaira Mall offers are confection shops, coffee bars, sun and sand apparel places, cosmetic shops, brilliant jewelers, children’s toy shops, beauty salons and designer boutiques. The wide array of eating options is astonishing. There are even practical destinations such as a DMV, an attorney’s firm for legal needs and a post office within the mall.


Roberto Santiago has also written numerous novels that are well-loved. His children’s books in particular are especially adored and include “The Protectors,” “John and the Machine of Fear” and “Strangers in Time series.” His football stories, “Los Futbolísimos,” have been classified as one of the country’s most popular selling kid’s stories. So well-liked in fact that it was interpreted into many other languages for children all around the world. Roberto Santiago was actually nominated for the Best Adapted Screenplay for “The Longest Penalty in the World.” Some of his most recognized works are as follows.



Madison Street Capital Wins 2017 Debt Financing Deal of the Year

Monday, November 13th, the M&A Advisor named Madison Street Capital as a winner for the Debt Financing Deal of the Year. The award was granted at the at the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala. M&A Advisor chose Madison Street Capital for the award for Madison Street Capital’s role in advising on the $13.2 million WLR Automotive Group sale/leaseback transaction


According to Randall S. Simpson, President and CEO of the WLR Automotive group, Madison Street Capital’s facilitated a transaction involving the sale and leaseback of five of WLR Automotive locations. The proceeds of the sale will be used for WLR Automotive expansion and reinvestment.


Madison Street Capital was selected from more than 650 participants for the prestigious award.


CEO Charles Botchway accepted the award on behalf of Madison Street Capital, offering his congratulations to WLR Automotive with high praise for Madison Street Capital executive Barry Peterson, who oversaw the transaction.


Madison Street Capital was also selected as a finalist for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. It classed as a finalist for the Financials Deal of the Year award in the under $250 million category.


The M&A Awards Gala is held annually at the M&A Advisor Summit. In 2017, the summit was held at the exclusive Metropolitan Club in New York City. Established in 1998, the M&A advisor offers analysis and industry knowledge on merger & acquisition activities.


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking advisor that focuses on mergers and acquisitions for middle-market companies. It provides financial advisory services, M&A assistance, and valuations. It has offices in North America, Africa, and Asia. It provides philanthropic support to the United Way and other organizations for disaster relief and selected causes.


The Madison Street Capital reputation is one of unassuming success in providing financial expertise to middle-market companies. It is committed to the highest standards of integrity and service.


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Doe Deere: The History Behind Makeup’s Boldest CEO

For all of us who love makeup and to challenge convention, there is a cosmetic brand out there that speaks to us the most. The name of that brand is Lime Crime, which has been a revolution in the cosmetics industry since 2008. Those who know about Lime Crime are aware of its fun and funky cosmetic choices. From purple lipsticks to light blue highlighters, this company definitely has versatile and colorful cosmetic items to choose from.



Those colors you’ve always wanted for a gorgeous photo shoot or to make a difference while at the club? That’s the Lime Crime difference. If you’ve ever wanted to stand out at a certain event, Lime Crime is the makeup brand of choice.



If you were to go online and browse through the Lime Crime website, you would automatically wonder who the genius was behind the brand. After all, the makeup available is still revolutionary, which was even more evident back when it first came to fruition in 2008. In an article which features an interview with Doe Deere, the CEO, founder, and creator of Lime Crime, she discusses how back in the day, only boring and natural makeup was available for purchase. We’re talking about natural eyeshadow colors in nudes, beige lipstick, and clear lip gloss.



Thankfully, with the evolution of Lime Crime, things in the makeup industry have changed. We have Doe Deere to thank for that.



Doe Deere has lived a very interesting life, even before becoming a makeup guru and the self-proclaimed Queen of Unicorns. Here’s a little taste:



She began her very first business in Russia, where she was born and raised. During her time in Russia, she messed around with style. One of the coolest trends at the time was temporary tattoos, and that’s where she came up with the idea for her first business at thirteen.



After her time in Russia, she moved to New York. She spent a brief period of time in Manhattan but was in Brooklyn for nine years. During her time in New York, she honed in on her skills as a musician. Doe Deere was successful as a musician and was able to work well with her fellow band members. Doe Deere actually met her husband in her band, where she learned how to collaborate with him.



When she decided to move on from her musician lifestyle, Doe Deere decided to dedicate her time toward advancing the cosmetic industry. This is where she realized a lack of color in the makeup world existed. As Doe Deere mentioned, it wasn’t just her who noticed that makeup was lacking in interesting color tones.



That’s where she came in to change the game.



Doe Deere created Lime Crime, which was her Ebay username at the time, and formed the most revolutionary makeup brand of our time.



It’s nice to know that innovation still exists, especially with such a creative soul such as Doe Deere. She is continuing to advance the makeup industry to the very most with her bright color choices and fun hues. Learn more: