Academy of Art University

For those that love fashion and art it may seem like your school prospects are limited. With the right school however you can open up your horizons and find the perfect career to suit your abilities and the things that you love to do. Academy of Art University is an inclusive and fantastic school for anyone looking to further their career in fashion and art.
There are tons of opportunities for students and graduates alike to create and showcase their fashions to the world. Those that are graduates have the unique experience of being able to participate in the annual runway showcase to show off their creative prowess. BFA and MFA graduates are given the opportunity to create their own collections that are shown to the public each year at New York Fashion Week.
This is a truly unique opportunity as most fashion schools are not given the option to showcase their student work on such a huge and well known platform. The 2017 show was held at the Skylight Clarkson Square on September 9th, 2017 and showcased the work of ten recent graduates. There were five women’s collections shown as well as two menswear and even two collaborations between graduates.
The Academy of Art University has so far held 21 annual shows and has helped launch the careers of many of their graduates. Classes include workshops, theory, history, internships and more that provide both a background and hands on approach to fashion so that students get the well rounded and total education that they need to break into the world of high fashion. Students from all over the world apply to the school but only a select few are accepted to the prestigious programs that are offered.
For those that are striving for a career in fashion and have ideas that they want to get out to the world, this is the school to attend. Though it might seem like little more than a piece of paper saying that you attended a school, few schools come with the prestige and glory that one might find while attending the Academy of Art University.

Malcolm CasSelle: One of the Smartest Men in the Digital World

Malcolm CasSelle is quite a smart man. He is President of a company called WAX (meaning Worldwide Asset eXchange) and develops platforms for buying and trading objects in video games. CasSelle holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s Degree from Stanford University in Computer Science.
Malcolm CasSelle is a man of many talents as well. He speaks Japanese and Mandarin. He was also an early investor in companies like Zynga, Bitcoin (which is popular nowadays), and Facebook. According to a article, the future of WAX can open many doors for many different kinds of people. Here is how it works and how it can be applied to future formats.
The platform of WAX allows users in video games to buy and sell digital products in order to advance in the particular game. One of the keys to why this platform works as well as it does is due to the security measures that are in place. the system uses a token format and has people called Transfer Agents that make sure transactions are completed fairly and legally. If a Transfer Agent does not follow the rules he or she can be reported to a Guild and banned from that particular game. The system can also be used in real life scenarios as well.
Think about something really cool that you may want to be an owner of. A couple of examples are an Aston Martin that was used in the James Bond films or a favorite NBA players game-worn shoes. Owning a piece of history is now possible with WAX. Guilds will make sure that transactions of physical assets will be handled in a fair and just manner. This is just one way that WAX is transforming the world of the physical and digital marketplaces. This is the genius of Malcolm CasSelle.
Malcolm CasSelle has single-handedly revolutionized the buying and selling of digital and real-life assets. The combination of digital and physical assets on this platform will be difficult to surpass.If one thing is for sure Malcolm CasSelle is one of the smartest people in the digital platform world.


In the past, employees had the privilege of buying shares of the company. However, this is no longer the norm as many firms have withdrawn this privilege due the burden of accounting, rapid swing of share value and the compensation method that is not favorable to employees. Jeremy Goldstein has a solution to this matter and has encouraged companies to embrace what he refers to as the ‘knockout option’.


Advantages of the knockout option


To begin with, knockout options will increase an individual’s earnings if the company’s share value also increases. This will motivate employees to work extra hard with the aim of boosting the stock value of the firm. Second, for firms that provide compensation packages to top executives, they are likely to incur heavy taxes if they provide shares instead of options. Last but not least, options are easier to understand and they are of the same value to all the employees.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He is also a leading partner at the firm which offers legal advice to compensation committees, corporate governance, CEOs and management teams in executive compensation. Jeremy Goldstein holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts, Art History from Cornell University, a Masters of Arts, Art History from the University of Chicago and a Juris Doctor, Law from New York University School of Law.


Some of the notable works Jeremy Goldstein has done include assisting in the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies, Chevron Texaco Corporation, Bank of America Corporation, Phillips Petroleum company, Cingular Wireless Corporation and Verizon Wireless Corporation. Jeremy Goldstein also likes to give back to the society and for the past 9 years he has been the director of Fountain House, an organization that gives hope to victims of mental illness.


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Igor Cornelsen Shares Three Tips to Invest in Brazil

The Brazilian economy is booming, and many investors are interested in putting their money in the country. With about 200 million people, Brazil is an attractive market for multinationals. But what do you need to know before going to invest in the country? Igor Cornelsen, a prominent Brazilian banker, offers three ways in which to succeed as a foreign investor in the country.

  1. Be Ready to Deal with Bureaucracy

Foreigners face a lot of challenges while operating in Brazil. The nation has strict regulations that discourage many investors from investing in the country. For those willing to invest in the country, it is vital to familiarize themselves with the different regulations and how they compare with those from other countries. You need to know how to go through the various rules and also how to bypass the unimportant ones. Besides, one needs to understand how the country interacts with other nations. Investors need to learn about any trade embargo with other countries and how that can affect their investors.

  1. Connect with the Locals

When it comes to the management of multinationals, connecting with the natives is very important. Brazil is no different. There is need to connect with the nation’s culture and businesses. Brazilians are talkative and like giving advice. Those seeking to succeed in the market need to connect with the various firms in the country to create strong networks. Given that a quarter of those between 18 and 64 years old are entrepreneurs, there is much a foreign investor can learn from building a network.

  1. Learn About Foreign-Currency Restrictions

Brazil has tight controls on its foreign-currency transactions. There is need to understand the country’s currency and how it compares with others. The knowledge about the Brazil’s currency is essential in helping investors know the value of some investments. Furthermore, foreign-currency transactions are only done by authorized financial institutions. The country uses the official commercial rate in the trade of foreign currency. However, the county’s Central Bank sometimes intervenes in determining the exchange rate. Although the country’s foreign-currency market is somehow complicated, it is profitable too.

Who is Igor Cornelsen?

Igor Cornelsen is former Brazilian investment banker. In his lifetime, he has got a chance to work for various big banks in the country. Due to his experience in the banking sector, many companies in Brazil and the United States still seek for his advice on capital investment among others. Currently, he is working at Bainbridge Group Inc. where he participates in the development investment strategies.

Cornelsen is prominent capital investment consultant where he serves clients such as investment banks and individuals. He likes dealing with long-term projects and develops strategies that help his clients make profits. One of the most critical strategies he uses is spreading investments.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: The Man to Oversee the Succession Process at Bradesco in the Coming Months

The presence or absence of effective leadership can make or break an organization. In addition to providing strategic direction, effective leaders inspire confidence among employees, shareholders, and customers that ultimately help their companies grow. Brazilian bank, Bradesco has throughout its 74-year existence benefitted from successive effective leadership. Consequently, it has grown to become one of the most prosperous banks in the country with assets valued at close to $400 billion. Until recently, the bank was led by a highly effective senior leadership team of Lazaro Brandao as chairman and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as president. However, this all changed a few weeks ago when Lazaro Brandao decided to take a break from the cutthroat world of banking and resign from his position. The bank immediately replaced him with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. It is now in the process of selecting a new president with the hope that Bradesco can once again have a strong leadership team as it had before.
The new president will be selected by Bradesco’s board, now headed by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Thus far, the bank has not communicated that it is looking for specific qualifications or competencies in its new president. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has expressed that the incoming president will be an employee of the bank. Consequently, the next president will most likely be selected from among the seven executive vice presidents currently employed at the bank.
To reflect the bank’s changing stature, the Bradesco board will also likely also change in structure in the coming days. The board, which is the man decision-making organ at the bank, is currently designed to accommodate eight members. Being a private institution, some of these members are drawn from the family of the late Amador Aguiar – Bradesco’s founder. That said, since the bank has become a lot larger in the last few years, it is increasingly becoming clear that eight people may not be enough to carry the decision-making burden at the giant lender. Consequently, while a concrete decision has not been made yet, there has been a lot of talk of expanding the board to include more members. Not only would this ease the responsibilities placed on the current eight members, but it would also lead to the introduction of fresh ideas that could help Bradesco further differentiate itself from the competition.
Further, the incoming president will operate in a slightly different climate to that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been working in. For starters, the incoming president will not be a member of the bank’s board. This compares starkly with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who was not only a member of the board but went on to be appointed as the vice chairman in 2014. The goal of scrapping the president’s involvement in the board is to ensure that he/she can focus more of his/her energies towards running the day-to-day activities at the bank. This decision especially makes sense when one considers the fact that Bradesco is a lot bigger today than it was a few years ago.
For Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the mandate in his new position will remain more or less the same as it was in his last. As president, he was tasked with ensuring that the Bradesco brand expanded as much as possible without putting significant strain on its margins. To say that he has diligently worked towards achieving this objective during his tenure would be an understatement. If anything, he has gone above and beyond it. Now as chairman, he will equally be tasked with expanding the Bradesco brand to become a dominant player in Brazil’s financial industry.

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Brian Torchin’s Contributions To The Medical Field Are An Inspiration To All

Brian Torchin is a medical professional and an expert health care recruiter that matches up other medical professionals with the right career opportunities. He is the creator of HCRC Staffing and works, himself, as a chiropractor. Earlier in his life, he attended the University of Delaware and received his Bachelor’s of Exercise Science and a degree in chiropractics as well. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

As he progressed and began to work in the medical industry, he become increasingly aware of the fact that filling positions with the right medical professionals was an area rife with problems.

Glassdoor reveals that while Brian Torchin continues to practice medicine, himself, he also heads up HCRC Staffing to ensure that patients receive optimal care from qualified medical experts.

His efforts have grown HCRC to become one of the countries greatest health staffing agencies, and even with falling rates of pay for health workers, he has been able to help create an atmosphere where quality doctors feel valued and offer their services to the patients who deserve great medical care.

Brian Torchin is very active on social media, and on his Facebook page you will see that he cares greatly for medical professionals and their patients. This is displayed by the numerous posts, which he puts on Facebook daily, for quality jobs for medical professionals.

His Facebook page is basically a treasure trove for any medical professional that is looking for work. His Twitter page is loaded with Tweets that offer the same kinds of job opportunities for medical professionals.

Dr. Torchin has been featured on many different media outlets, and some of these include

the Digital Journal,, and CNN iReport. Some of his greatest accomplishments are helping people to heal and recover from injuries in his own chiropractic practice, matching up countless quality medical professionals with the right kinds of jobs where their talents can be utilized to the maximum, and inspiring people with his open and caring attitude about the way that medical and health facilities should help the quality of life of their patients to be better.

In today’s medical world, it is good to have someone like Brian Torchin working for patients and the people who provide them with the care they deserve.

Gregory Aziz’ Dedication to Client Satisfaction

Canpotex is a renowned company for its supply of potash. They have been in the industry for more than 4 decades and have earned a very good reputation due to their reliability. They recently contracted National Steer Company to design and supply them with 700 railcars. The contract was worth seventy million dollars and the cars were to be used for potash transport to the ports at the coast. Prior to this contract, Canpotex had invested over 400 million dollars for other railway cars with National Steel Car, NSC. Since NSC gives them an option to access custom-made railcar designs they are of high quality and efficiency in the transportation of potash. The ability to satisfy their clients has given NSC the ability to stay on top of the industry when it comes to the manufacture and engineering of the railway cars.


Gregory J. Aziz who is the Chief Executive Officer and President of National Steel Car express his appreciation for the commitment and trust Canpotex has placed on his company. James Aziz further states that the order not only benefits the company but also creates employment and benefits the community as a whole. National Steel Car has been in existence for over 10 decades and has been a leader in providing quality and safe railcars using their expertise. This company is based in Hamilton and has managed to climb ranks to become the leading company in the manufacture of rail and tank cars in North America. The team at National Steel Car has enabled them to prosper through their dedication and innovation. It is made up of a team of diverse individuals who are guided by values to create products that suit their clients’ needs. Get More Information Here.


James Aziz purchased this company and invested heavily in it to become what it is now. By increasing manpower and upgrading the machines used, he managed to grow the output of the company significantly in just 5 years of operation. He continues to use his leadership to guide his team towards staying at the top by adjusting the milestones as needed. The Company, NSC, is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has been awarded the TTX SECO award repeatedly for years. Through learning from the past, embracing the culture and working diligently and relentlessly, National Steel Car through the leadership of Gregory Aziz is determined to continue satisfying their clients and staying at the top.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: From Starting Out In Banking As A Teenager To Being The Chairman Of The Board At One Of The Largest Banks In Brazil

Banco Bradesco occupies an enviable position in the Brazilian Banking industry. The bank is today the second largest private bank in the country and commands an asset-base of nearly $400 billion. The bank has largely gotten to this position through effective leadership.

Until last month this effective leadership was provided by Lazaro Brandao as the chairman and Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the president. However, a series of events have occurred in the last one month that has led to Luiz Carlos Trabuco serving as both the chairman and the interim President.

These series of events started with the resignation of Lazaro Brandao in October. After serving the bank for more than seven decades, including being chairman for the last 27 years, he decided to call it quits and focus more on his family life. Now aged 91, Lazaro Brandao deserves nothing less than praise for serving Bradesco and the Brazilian banking industry for so long. His final act of service to the bank was preparing a replacement in anticipation of his departure. Lazaro Brandao has long been the mentor of Luiz Carlos Trabuco and was, in fact, the one who sponsored him to become the vice chairman of the board three years ago. The move not only made Luiz Carlos Trabuco a better leader but also made him particularly understand how the Bradesco board operates. He will therefore not have a hard time transitioning into his new role.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco will, however, continue being the president at Bradesco for a few more months. The board meeting at which the next president will be chosen is scheduled for March 2018 – around the time at which the bank will hold its next annual general meeting. As such, industry players have chiefly been left to speculate who will next hold the enviable position at the bank. Fortunately, Bradesco does have a long-held practice of choosing presidents from among the leadership talents working within the bank. With the bank not being expected to break away from the practice anytime soon, it is largely expected that the next president will be one of the senior executives currently working at the bank. Given the credentials and performances of these senior executives, the board will definitely be spoilt for choice when making the decision.

A trained sociologist, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has come a long way to become the chairman at Bradesco. His journey to the top of the bank’s leadership ranks begins at the very bottom, having served as a clerk when he first joined the bank in 1969. Since then, he has matured into one of the best bankers the company has ever employed, a fact evidenced by the number and weight of positions he has held in the bank. His most memorable tenures thus far have been as the department director from 1984-1992, the president of the insurance subsidiary from 200-2006, Bradesco Seguros and the president of Bradesco since 2009.

A major concern for Luiz Carlos Trabuco and the incoming president should be the state of the Brazilian economy. The South American nation has for the last few years experienced economic difficulties that have greatly suppressed the banking sector. In fact, Bradesco had resulted to scaling back on its expansive branch network as a strategy to protect its reducing margins. If the economy continues on a negative trajectory, Trabuco and the incoming manager will have to think of more innovative ways to sustain the bank’s profitability. However, should the economy start showing signs of improvement, the two should quickly grab the moment and continue growing the bank aggressively before the competition starts doing the same.


Gregory Aziz Leads National Steel Car to Excellence

Gregory James Nazi is the president, chairman, and CEO of National Steel Car, which he purchased from Dofasco in 1994. He was born in 1949 in London. Greg Aziz lives in Hamilton Ontario and studied economics at Western University. He is married to Irene. National Steel Car under the leadership of James Aziz has achieved over 100 years of brilliance in manufacturing and engineering. It is the leading tank car manufacturer and railroad freight in North America. National Steel Car has received the annual TTX SECO award consistently for over a decade. At the time of purchasing National Steel Car, the company was manufacturing 3,500 cars per year. Greg Aziz steered the company into the production of 12,000 vehicles by 1999.




Greg Aziz values his employees and is continually increasing the standards of the company. The company is the only ISO certified railcar company in North America. National Steel Car is keen on customer satisfaction and maintains a cordial relationship with its suppliers. The company has employed approximately 3,000 employees. It swiftly provides railcar spares and components for any car type. In case the spare or element is not available, National Steel Car assists customers in their search for the items.




Greg J Aziz is passionate about the environment. His company participated in an energy saving initiative in collaboration with Horizon Utilities. The effort helped National Steel car reduce its carbon emission and lower operating costs. Since 2015 the company was able to save around 2,192,400 kWh per year. Installation of a trim compressor of 350 horsepower with automatic adjustments and a variable speed drive has drastically reduced the energy consumption of the National Steel Car.



Greg Aziz is also the chairman of National Industries. He supported the announcement of synched regulations for the next generation of more robust and safer rail tank cars for the conveyance of flammable liquids. Greg Aziz is involved in community development. National Steel car has sponsored some local charities including Theatre Aquarius, United Way, Hamilton Opera, and Salvation Army. National Steel Car also conducts a food drive for local food banks every year. James Aziz and his wife also sponsor a prominent Canadian agricultural fair known as Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. See This Page to Learn More.




Despite the past accomplishments of National Steel car, Greg Aziz is still persistent in his search for excellence. His persistence has helped keep the company at the top of railroad freight car manufacturing. Greg J Aziz insists on maintaining high engineering capabilities, capital investment, and team building.



Fighting for the Rights of others-Human Rights Groups

Although human beings are considered to be intellectual and greater species on earth, they have been turning against each other causing war and killings of their fellow men. The wars have resulted in the increase of refugees who run to other nations for safety. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

A number of individuals have realized the degradation that human beings are doing to each other and this has led to the establishment of human rights advocacy groups.

The organizations are created to fight for human rights as they fight to preserve humanity as well making sure that every life matters. In the United States of America, these groups fight for the oppressed especially the migrants who come from the Southern region of the country.

Some of the human rights organizations in the United States of America and the world include;

  • Border Angles: the group was created in 1986 and since then it has been in the forefront to fight for the immigrant reforms as well as the rights of the migrants.
  • An Attorney for the Rights of the Child: it is a group established to fight for the rights of children as they advocate for the end of female circumcision.
  • CHIRLA: the group which is based in the United States fights for the rights of the immigrants especially in Los Angles. The group also authorizes the minority as it offers equal opportunity to all.
  • California Organization of Human Relations Organization: the mandate of the group is to protect human as well as the civil rights of people.
  • Amnesty International USA Group 30: it is a global organization created to advocate for political prisoners as well as the rights of other prisoners.
  • ACLU Immigrant’s Rights Project: immigrants moving to the United States have a group fighting for them. The team has their offices located in New York and California.

The human right advocacy activities cannot be mentioned without the mention of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who are renowned human rights activists. The two human rights advocates founded Frontera Fund.

The group has their Headquarters located in Arizona and has been fighting for the rights of Latin Americans. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin |

The group was founded on cash received after they Jim and Lacey were wrongfully arrested and paid $ 3.75 million. Mr. Jim and Mr. Lacey have been using their money to fund groups which are advocating for human rights all over the world.

Their work has enabled people who have been discriminated or even forgotten to have a voice.