Siteline Cabinetry Gives What Customers Want

Siteline Cabinets are a breath of fresh air when it comes to making designer cabinets. The sensation that has rocked the cabinet industry makes cabinets the way you want them made, and they are not stored in some warehouse, all alike in a row.

There is no start on actually building the cabinets until the order is submitted to the Siteline plant in Virginia. The people who actually make the cabinets are skilled craftspeople who are really good at what they do. The actual process involves many choices that are actually pre-configured and precise engineering standards are used, so exact, precision cabinets are build to order which is faster than other methods.

Siteline Cabinets was started in 1973 by Pat Corsi whose dream it was to have a cabinet design company where the final output would be dramatic and easy to obtain for the masses. Now, 50,000 designed projects later that dream is a reality as many satisfied clients have been able to design their own personal cabinets with Corsi’s process.

The company motto is that every cabinet begins with a design concept. In other words the customer usually will have in mind what they want in the way of cabinets. For the kitchen, bathrooms, and other storage areas, people usually want some sort of continuity. At Siteline, everything starts with a blank slate, and then they like to say that they add your vision, speaking to the customer.

When that happens the customer gets to have total input with hundreds of designs and colors from which to choose. The choices offered include many choices of materials, colors and design. The choices for kitchen, bathroom and other storage needs can be coordinated so there is that continuity throughout the home.

Pricing is very competitive because even though there are endless choices of design and different kinds of cabinets, the pieces are already prearranged and can be put together in a very affordable manner.

People are amazed at the huge variety of choice, yet the finished product is professionally completed with affordability and style in mind. When people look at the finished product, they never will dream that all of that custom design could be as affordable as it is.

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Rebranded Obsidian Energy Company

Penn West Petroleum Company Limited has been rebranded into the more robust and rejuvenated Obsidian Energy Company that is situated on the West Coast of Canada. Obsidian Energy is found in a rich oil belt that has adequate and ubiquitous oil and gas reserves. Obsidian Energy Company has an intermediate size in terms of coverage and it has been well-equipped to offer efficient and sufficient services to the customers at home and abroad. Obsidian Energy is headed by the able stewardship of Dr. French. A great overhaul in the management has been embraced with a view to catapult the command the company.


Obsidian Company has a highly balanced portfolio that has the capacity to amass about thirty thousand barrels per day. Obsidian Company handles both gas and oil in her transactions. Obsidian Energy Company has oil fields located in Alberta which is along the sedimentary basin in the west of Canada. Alberta is the region endowed with the most dominant and rich reserves of oil and gas that is crucial and essential to the oil industry. See More Info Here.


The oil exploitation is undertaken in the Pembina Cardium, Alberta Viking and the Peace River Oil. The highest percentage of the energy produced is tapped from the area and the majority of the companies are striving to get access and opportunity to have their premises in the belt. Obsidian Energy Company was one of the luckiest to enjoy the pride of place of having the ability to run her transactions from the locality.


Obsidian has amassed monumental acclamation from the services she has offered to various stakeholders in the form of Corporate Social responsibility and the commodities that the company presents to the public for consumption. Obsidian Energy Company has a projected income from the sales of the oils and gas products up to a tune of about eighty million Canadian Dollars. Obsidian Energy Company is expected to produce approximately thirty thousand barrels of energy in every day. The proceeds from the transaction will be employed in securing more workers.


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Obsidian Energy Ltd- Using Strategic Developments To Gain Its Market Position

Obsidian Energy Ltd is midsized Canadian company that deals with oil and natural gas and located in Calgary, Alberta. The group once held a position among the sixty biggest companies on the S&P/TSX 60 on the Toronto stock exchange. The company reached its peak market capitalization of $9.5 Billion in January 2008, and from 2005-2011 it was the Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY). The company has a well-balanced portfolio of various high-quality assets that produces approximately 30,000 barrels on a daily basis.


The company was previously known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd where it changes its names to Obsidian Energy Ltd after restructuring on 26th June 2017. The company underwent numerous accounting scandals, commodity price crash and debt crisis that forced the company to restate its three-year financial report from 2012 to 2014. During the hardship years obsidian managed to reduce its net balance through various sales of its assets, and it’s now a much stronger and smaller oil company. According to the chief executive officer, David French the change of name signified a new beginning that comes with relentless passion, discipline, and accountability to the community, partners, and shareholders. David L. French oversees the management team of Obsidian Energy is who once served as the overall boss of Bankers Petroleum Ltd, and he is known to lead various companies to operational and commercial growth successfully.


Obsidian Energy has 407 employees, and it has critical development assets that are strategically positioned to offer the right platform for growth and deliver the results acceptable for the shareholders, clients, and community. And in the process, allow the company to succeed in the ever-evolving petroleum and gas industry. Read More On This Page.


Obsidian Energy commits to making a positive impact on the environment and community around the area the Calgary Alberta area. They have a community matter program that mains agenda is to conduct numerous and peaceful operations that enables the employees and contractors to have an open communication method with the residents. It helps to address concerns associated with the company gas and oil operations in mitigate and proactively manner.


Transformation Of National Steel Car by Greg Aziz

The success story of Gregory J Aziz is a thrilling and one that should inspire any entrepreneur out there to be focused and remain innovative. Gregory James is the president and CEO of an engineering and manufacturing firm from the Canada. This is manufacturing company is known as National Steel Car. It manufactures vehicles to be used for railroad freight. It is the biggest company of this nature in the entire North America. National Steel Car has a very long history. It was established in 1902 and has been existence for over 100 years now. For a company to survive for all those years, it must have been playing a crucial part in supporting the community.


Although the company was very old, it never stopped Gregory J Aziz from purchasing it. Many people thought of it as a company that was way past its sell date, but as fate would have it, the business was not yet done. Greg Aziz came, took over the company and it’s now operating like a brand-new company set up a few years ago. When Greg took over, his first responsibility was to make massive changes to the company which had already gone too low in its production capabilities. The company needed new systems that would shore up the operations of the company once again. The technology that was being applied at the time was no longer applicable. As a first-time measure, he pumped money into the company to buy new technology equipment.


With the changes that he had carried out, what was remaining was to invest in skilled human labor who would share his dream of transforming the company. With both equipment and human resource team ready, the company was now in the process of transformation that was unstoppable. In a few years of its operation, the production rate of the company improved by a huge margin. The number of cars that were manufactured annually grew from 3500 to over 12000. Also, the number of workers expanded due to the expansion of the company’s operations. Read This Page to learn more.


Greg Aziz

Gregory J Aziz is from Ontario, Canada. He attended Bradley College and University of Western Ontario for his studies. He holds a degree in economics. He graduated in 1971. After graduating, he helped his parents grow fresh food wholesale business they operated in Ontario. At the same time, he was working for other investment banks in New York. He bought National Steel Car in 1994.

How Officers Use Securus Technologies to Maintain Order in Jail

In order to keep the peace inside prison today, it requires new technology that has the ability to do the work of an entire police force. Over the years, it has been new impossible with our limited police force to be in the yard, the mess hall, and listen to the inmate calls. Being stretched that thin gives the inmates an advantage, and when that happens, every person inside the jail is in immediate danger.


To combat the flow of drugs and other contraband in our visitor center, my team of corrections officers makes us of a high-tech scanner. We use this device to make sure no visitors are bringing anything into our jail that can be used by inmates to cause bodily harm. Even before we allow the inmates back to their cells, they have to walk through the scanner again so nothing gets back to the cells.


When our facility discovered that Securus Technologies developed a new telephone monitoring system that was being used in jails across the country, we needed to investigate further. The company is based in Texas, where one thousand of the most dedicated employees are working with CEO Rick Smith to make a positive difference on the planet.


We ditched the old phone monitoring system in our jail and were taught how the LBS software works with this new system. The amazing thing about the monitoring system is we saw results during the first hour it was in use at our facility.


An inmate was on the jail phone with his elderly mother, begging her to bring him her medication because he would be able to sell it to other inmates and use the money to pay for protection in the jail. That meeting was intercepted, and the medication never got into the jail as intended.


Leadership Skills With Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is currently the Chief Executive Officer and owner of the business National Steel Car, a manufacturer of railroad freight and tank cars, and one of the most prominent and influential businesses of that industry in the U.S. territory.


The industry where National Steel Car is situated is very competitive, and the focus is the quality of the production and the price of them.



In North America, National Steel Car has many companies that order their pieces directly from Greg’s corporation, and they have conquered whole markets because of their excellence and more than a century producing the best freight for international use.



The story of the CEO of National Steel Car, Gregory J Aziz, began with him working at his family business, Affiliated Foods. His experience working at a large corporation with his own familiars would be crucial to the development of core leadership traits that Greg Aziz used to raise National Steel Car back to its former glory.



Affiliated Foods is a very big business, with lots of employees and even more customers scattered across different countries. Greg James Aziz began very small in the company, but his relatives began to notice that the young businessman was very good at what he did. He was a fast learner, knew how to implement the core lessons of business administration and was very good at math, which, with a little bit of financial teaching, would lead him to be an excellent financial administrator as well. Go To This Page to learn more.



Having attended the Western University where he studied Economics in the School of Economics, he improved his craftsmanship and began ranking up the positions of Affiliated Foods, learning new things from different business roles, with various co-workers and all kinds of lessons. Greg Aziz achieved high success in Affiliated Foods, and the business improved drastically with his dedication, achieving, even more, international presence.



Greg Aziz, however, wouldn’t remain in Affiliated Foods for long. The young entrepreneur and financial administrator was convinced that he should pursue his own business and achieve his personal goals and his own accomplishments.



That is when he bought National Steel Car. Aziz’s leadership improved the business model of the company by a lot, and National Steel Car, which had a pretty important position in the market, became the leading manufacturer of railroad freights, cars and car pieces. A great company became excellent, and Greg Aziz pushed his leadership skills to the limits.

A Major Development Occurs In The Orange Coast College Recycling Program

Orange Coast College has been providing recycling services to the people of the Costa Mesa region and the wider areas of California for more than 40 years and has recently looked to develop a more extensive program of recycling for the local community. To provide even more recycling opportunities and an extended range of services to the community, Orange Coast College has recently opened a new facility on a five-acre site now open to the community. Learn more:


The range of services offered by Orange Coast College now includes payments being made for the recycling of certain plastics and the payment of California’s beverage container fees offered for recycled cans and bottles. Orange Coast College now accepts plastic bottles and aluminum cans with a weight limit of 100 pounds; other services provided by the newly redeveloped Orange Coast College Recycling Facility include the acceptance of unwanted appliances and electronic equipment along with a move towards the acceptance of a range of paper, cardboard, and plastic materials. Learn more:


The need to develop a new recycling facility and programs has brought Orange Coast College to discover new lines of financial support from both private and public sector groups. A major source of funding was obtained from the CR&R Environmental Services company offering its waste disposal and recycling services to the residents of Arizona, California, and Colorado. With the aid of CR&R Environmental Services and local government funding sources, Orange Coast Colege has created a facility powered by solar panels reducing the reliance of the academic institution on coal and gas burning power plants across California.


Orange Coast College now attracts more than 20,000 students to its campus and Online courses each year after making a humble start to life in 1947 by taking over the disused Santa Ana U.S. Army Air Base. Now classed as one of the leading two-year academic institutions in the U.S., Orange Coast College is consistently seeking new ways of building a better educational experience for its students including an extensive range of extracurricular activities not often seen at a community college.


Greg Aziz Leads In National Steel Car

Leadership defines many factors in an organization. For well-established firms, leadership is the key defining factor of performance. That is why most international brands invest in experienced leaders to offer guidance and make critical decisions. In National Steel Car for example, the values of the organization are appended to the nature of leadership. To that end, there is a leader who is called Gregory James Aziz. He defines many values and beliefs that the company holds.




Gregory J Aziz is the president of the firm. He also serves as the chairman of the leading manufacturing firm for railroad and engineering companies. As one of the executive chairs, he is set to go down as a leader who has made impact by achieving the unimaginable in life. Aziz is respected in many aspects. He is adored because of his great pursuits in life and career. His quality of leadership is also admired by many. As a team player, Greg James Aziz has fought for equality in his team. He treats his employees as one and equal without discrimination. His mission in the firm is providing the best services clients will ever receive in his time of leadership.




Born in 1949, Aziz has worked to achieve what he now owns in terms of position. From a young age, he put himself into the field to garner experience. His style of management is definitely the best in the empire of National Steel Car. Having acquired many skills in leading firms, Greg Aziz has walked the company to greater heights of production and management to produce quality service. In this firm, he focuses on ensuring that the available car parts match the demands of clients. The alumnus of Ridley College boasts of acquiring leadership skills from the prestigious West Ontario University. His focus is aligned with reshaping the organization to finding successful strategies for operation. Go To This Page for additional information.




When Aziz left school, his first stop was the family business where he garnered some managerial experience. The food production company enlightened him in many ways. After a decade, he was set to manage even bigger firms as the family business expanded in many capacities. He also worked as a banker prior to joining Steel Car Company, a firm he bought later on. Greg Aziz has been on the top list of managers as he exudes team work and charisma in all his dealings. Under his guidance, the firm ensures that clients get what they have ordered for in all aspects

Top Facts about Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is the Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car is an industry leader in railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing.

What do you know about Greg Aziz? Here are just a few of the numerous facts there are to learn about him.

Top Facts About Gregory J Aziz


* Greg was born in London, Ontario, in 1949.

* He was educated at Ridley College.

* He also majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario.

* Greg entered the workforce in 1971, joining Affiliated Foods, his family’s wholesale food business.

* With Greg’s help, Affiliated Foods grew into a major player in the fresh foods industry; it imported goods from Europe, Central, and South America, and distributed them to major fresh food wholesale markets across the United States and Eastern Canada.

* During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Greg worked on a number of successful investment banking opportunities in New York.

* In 1994, Greg Aziz organized the purchase of National Steel Car. He was intent on revitalizing this once great Canadian company and transforming it into the leading railroad freight car manufacturer for North America.

* Within just 5 short years, Greg grew the company’s production from 3,500 cars per year to 12,000 cars and its staff of employees from approximately 600 to nearly 3,000.

* Greg’s company, National Steel Car, is the only railroad freight car, engineering, and manufacturing company in North America to be certified ISO 9001:2008; it has proudly had this certification for the past 18 years through numerous rounds of recertification.

* Under Greg’s leadership, National Steel Car has also consistently received the TTX SECO award 13 for over a decade.

* Greg is greatly honored to lead a company that enjoys financial success in a way that is socially responsible. National Steel Car supports a number of local charities, including Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army, and the United Way, to name just a few.

* Greg’s dedication to social responsibility is reflected in the generous spirit of his thousands of employees past and present who have participated in National Steel Car’s major food drive to support local food banks.

* Greg and his wife Irene are proud sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which has become Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair.

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Gregory Aziz: A Philanthropic Corporate Leader

 For any company or organization, having a tradition steeped in history is an important beacon that acts as a reference point for future progress. For over a century, National Steel Car prides itself in modeling its operations around manufacturing and engineering excellence and positive transformation to meet the emerging market demands. Over the past few decades, the latter tradition has been particular crucial in its quest for survival and relevancy in an increasingly changing business environment. At the center of the company’s new financial, operational and corporate social responsibility transformation is Gregory James Aziz: a leading corporate leader with vast experience and excellent track record in corporate management. Read More on This Page.


Towards Greater Community Involvement at National Steel Car

In 1994 when Greg Aziz was at the forefront of National Steel Car’s take over by National Industries Inc., the Hamilton-based company was facing an uncertain operational and financial future. Its productivity and consequently its financial standing was declining. Moreover, it social presence in the larger Hamilton community was rather low other than the hundreds of locals who worked at the company. Upon taking over the reins of the company where he currently serves as the chairman and chief executive officer, Greg James Aziz embarked on the challenging task reviving the dwindling fortunes of the company and driving it towards a greater engagement with the local communities beyond provision of employment opportunities.


 It is a task that he excelled at and within five years, National Steel Car had over 2,400 new employees compared to the 600 he found when he took over in 1994. Productivity grew many folds while new deals were signed strategic partners, which opened new markets in other parts of Canada and the American commercial railroad transport industry. Throughout these new transformative developments, Gregory J Aziz ensured that National Steel Car remained true to its tradition of high quality manufacturing and engineering. Most significantly, the company became actively involved in the charitable activities within the local Hamilton community. While its employees donate food to the local food bank, the company became the main sponsor for several charities including Hamilton Opera, the United Way and the Salvation Army. Together with his wife, James Aziz financially supports the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


Career and Education Background

James Aziz first made a name for himself at Affiliated Foods, which he joined in 1971 and helped the family-owned company specializing in wholesale of food to great operational success including expansion of operations in North, South and Central America and Europe. The Ridley College and University of Western Ontario economic-graduate later moved to the U.S. where he made a name for himself in New York’s investment banking industry.

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